August 22, 2009

Update on "Snowball" the Cat

Snowball, the adorable all-white, short-haired, mellow cat that we wrote about back in January 2008 has made some great progress that we'd like to share with you all!

She still prefers to hang out in the cat tree where she feels most comfortable, but has been venturing down more frequently. Don't get us wrong -- she still isn't very fond of her furry
roommates, but I think the draw of the Scratch Lounge was more than she could take ... (:

Oh, by the way ... the kitty standing near Snowball in the first picture is Reggie, who must be wondering, "Great ... I finally got Houdini off the Scratch Lounge and now I have to deal with Snowball hogging it ... what's a sweet boy like me to do?!"

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meowmeowmans said...

I love Snowball! What a cutie! I'm glad she's finally feeling comfortable enough to explore the room a little more. Look at Reggie's plaintive eyes in the top picture ... he looks as though he's pleading for his turn in the scratch lounge. Yet he's still patiently waiting for his turn. What a good boy. :)