February 28, 2012

Two on Tuesday - Doodle and Kramer

We love it when cats that meet for the first time at the shelter become pals. Here are sweet creamsicle ladycat Doodle and tabby mancat Kramer watching some of the PAWS woofies playing in the yard.  Click here to read more about Doodle and her brother Yankee.  And to read more about Kramer and his sister Kosmo, check out this post on our pal Maggie's "Sundays at the Shelter" blog.

February 25, 2012

We've been tagged!

We’ve been tagged by two fellow pet bloggers, Jan’s Funny Farm and One Pibble’s Wish. And our very own Sammy and Moosey (who were both adopted from PAWS) have volunteered to answer the questions that have been posed. Take it away, boys!

1. Describe yourself in seven words
Sammy: Handsome, hungry, loud, snuggly, lucky, funny, easygoing

Moosey: Fast, cuddly, playful, lucky, cute, sensitive, smart

2. What keeps you up at night?
Moosey: My automatic feeder (and Sammy’s, too)

Sammy: Moosey’s automatic feeder (oh, and mine, too)

3. Who would you like to be?
Moosey: A fish. Or a water quality engineer. I love water!

Sammy: A honey badger.

4. What are you wearing now?
Sammy: My thick, luxurious furs, and my purple collar

Moosey: Hey! Me, too! Except my collar is blue.

5. What scares you?
Sammy: Not much of anything. But please don’t sneak up on me, since I can’t hear too well.

Moosey: The doorbell is very SKERRY!

6. The best and worst of blogging?
The best: Meeting so many wonderful animal and people friends around the world

The worst: The new double word verification thing in Blogger

7. What was the last website you visited?
Both: The Cat Blogosphere!

8. What is the one thing you would change about yourself?
Both: Nothing, because Mommy and Daddy tell us we’re perfect just the way we are.

9. Slankets. Yes or no?
Both (and Mommy and Daddy, too): What the heck is a “slanket?”

10. Tell us something about the dogs, cats and/or people who tagged you.

We love the whole gang at Jan’s Funny Farm. Merci, Sam, Buddy, Percy, Cotton, Rusty, Cyndi, Cameron and Jan were some of our very first blogging friends ever. Their blog is a great mix of humor, advocacy and new information. If you haven’t ever visited them, you should!

One Pibble’s Wish is a terrific blog written by our pit bull pal Charlie and her mom Cindy, who happens to be a fellow volunteer at PAWS, the no-kill shelter where our mom and dad volunteer (and where we were adopted from). Cindy and Charlie (and all her woofie siblings) are wonderful ambassadors for the wonderful and often misunderstood pit bull breed.

11. Choose eight bloggers to tag next.

Twinkletoe Tails
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February 22, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Swizzle

We first introduced pretty and playful Swizzle about a year ago.  Even though she loves the attention she gets from the PAWS staff and volunteers, this sweetheart is still waiting for her forever home.  To read more about Swizzle, click here.

February 19, 2012

Easy Like Sunday - Moosey

Our very own Moosey is catching some rays today.  Have an easy Sunday, everybody! :) 

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sammy and Moosey
We're sending big hugs, head bonks and nose taps to our friends old and new.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Sammy, Moosey, Tracey and Kevin, and all the PAWS Cats

February 12, 2012

Super Happy Sunday! :)

Amazing adoption news! Do you remember Eden the Peace Cat? He was the star of our Peace Globe back in November, who had been waiting at PAWS for his forever home for 2-1/2 years (we wrote his first post in September 2009). Well, Eden has finally found his forever home, where he will know the peace of being loved forever. We're absolutely over the moon! :)

And do you remember Tommy, who was one of our helpful "Mr. Chewy" models? He's also been adopted, together with Eva!

Also finding a forever home was strikingly handsome, but timid Pablo. We're told he made an instantaneous bond with his new family when they first came to PAWS to find a new kitty.

And even though we usually only cover the PAWS cats here, we just HAVE to let you know that Dutchess the woofie, the gentle giantess who helped us with our "Bark in the Park" post, has also found her forever family. We love you, Dutchie! :)

What's that you say? You want some MORE happiness? No problem! Just check out these wonderful happy tails (er ... we mean tales) that have recently come in:

"About a month ago, my family and I adopted 2 adorable cats named Adele and Bruno. We renamed them to Minty and Storm :) They are so very happy and they brighten up every moment of the day! Storm loves to lay on my stomach and Minty loves to play with catnip and toys! She has the sweetest little meow I've ever heard. They are the best thing to ever happen to my family and I and we thank you very much for helping us and helping them find a great home!"

Tiger and Shadow: Tiger has been very outgoing and friendly. Purring up a storm and very loving. She is still testing the waters by jumping up on the sofa by her mom and then jumping right down. She is very vocal at mealtime. Shadow is still hiding quite a bit, but is has begun venturing out when the house is empty or people are asleep. She has learned how to open cabinets and drawers to find dark places from which to observe the household routine. She does let herself be pet a bit. There is evidence of activity such as getting up on all high surfaces ... picture frames are moved, paw prints on the piano, etc. They are both eating well, and using the litterbox as they are supposed to.

Jasmine is doing well. She has met the other cat, a boy named Detroit. She is a bit hissy and swipes at him, but only in a half-hearted manner. He sits next to her, and when she swipes he just touches her head with his paw, no claws. He brings her toys and tries to engage her in play. She hasn't responded in like manner yet, but it hasn't even been a week. She lets her people pet her, although she did give the dad a good scratch. He says it was not intended, just a mistake on her part ... not the scratch but the intensity. They are still keeping her in one room and separating cats when not supervised.

Well, that's it for this post. Have a great day, everybody! :)

February 9, 2012

February 6, 2012

Little Miss Ophelia

Ophelia is one of the newest PAWS residents. We're just getting to know her, but we can already tell this mackerel tabby ladycat is friendly, sweet and gentle. Oh, and as you can see, she's beautiful, too.

Ophelia is 4 years old, and would do best as an only cat in a quieter home. She is up to date on all of her vaccinations, and has tested negative for FELv and FIV. Come adopt her today. :)

February 3, 2012

FURever Home Friday

Let the happy dance begin! The list of graduates since our last adoption update is peppered with long-timers and cats we've previously featured here on our blog:

Sweet Jasmine has been adopted!

So have Concha and Julio (together)!

And sisters Tiger and Shadow were adopted together, too!

Rounding out the graduating class are:


Phoebe and Mac (together)

Io and Luke (together)


Need another reason to smile? Here's a fabulously happy tail from Cassie's (formerly Kessa) new family:

I just wanted to let you know that Cassie had her vet appointment, physical, shots, etc. She is down to 13 pounds!!!!! The vet would like to see her lose 2 more pounds, which she should as she is quite active. She is very fast on the stairs. She is very sweet with the other girls and spends a lot of quality lap time with her dad. I will send photos next update. Thank you again for letting us adopt our precious girl!

Cassie loves her forever home! :)
 Congratulations to all of the adoptees and their new families.

Have a great weekend, everybody! :)

February 1, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Goldie

Handsome, floofalicious Goldie ended up at PAWS when his elderly owner passed away. This gentle boy loves people, and gets along well with the other cats in his room.

6-year old Goldie is neutered, up to date on all his vaccinations, and has tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Your new best friend awaits ... come meet him today. :)