August 23, 2009

Ishma is a purr-monster!

I'm constantly amazed by the ability of some animals to adapt to difficult situations. Take Ishma, for instance ... this 9-year old sweetheart ended up at PAWS after she was abandoned by her owner (who had been evicted). Going from having free reign of an apartment to being housed in a cage at a shelter must have been quite a shock for Ishma, but this pretty girl never let on! I remember clearly the first time we met her ... we were petting some of the other cats in room 3, and noticed some REALLY loud purring. And while the kitties being pet *were* purring ... it wasn't them we were hearing so clearly. It was Ishma, who was three cages away! This happy girl LOVES people, and she always heralds our entrance to the room with steady purring. When we open her cage, she purrs even louder. Mix in a few of her adorable meows and some head butts, and the message she's sending is quite clear: Ishma loves people! She'll definitely be a true and steadfast companion (not to mention a steady source of soothing purrs) for whoever is lucky enough to adopt her. :)


Karen Jo said...

With a personality like that, I bet Ishma is adopted in no time at all.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, what a neat cat. She needs a loving home.