March 29, 2009

Thurman and Kerry

 When Thurman -- an adorable white and black kitty -- first came to PAWS, he had a leg injury that required a cast.  This poor little guy had to be confined to a cage so that his leg could heal.  He could only come out under supervision, but when he did, he did so fearlessly ... exploring his room and using the cat scratcher with total abandon.  And despite the cast on his leg, he still loved to climb the lower levels of the cat tree ... he's such a little kitten! This total lovebug is now enjoying life without his cast - hanging out with all the other kitties (he loves this, by the way!) in his new room.  And unhindered by that pesky cast ... Thurman loves to explore the higher levels of the "community" cat tree!

When Kerry first came to PAWS, he had some serious eye problems and we did the best we could to fix things up.  This cute, year-old tabby has no vision out of his left eye limited vision in his other eye, but you'd never know it.  Kerry LOVES other kitties and is very playful ... he's especially fond of toy mice!  And while he can be a little shy at first, once he's gotten to know you, he's a little snuggler!  That's certainly the case with Kevin and me ... when we visit the room he shares with his kitty pals, Kerry is one of the first to greet us at the door.

March 28, 2009

Nemo and Valentino

Nemo is an adorable orange tabby with plenty of energy. He's about 8+ months old.  Although he has a neurological disorder and is a little wobbly on his feet, Nemo doesn't let it stop him!  Because of his unsteady nature, he would probably do best in a house with no other animals AND lots of carpeting and a covered litter box.  Oh yeah ... Nemo has never met a toy he didn't like ... string toys, toy mice, balls, the cat tree, and even wadded up pieces of paper ... they're all good to this guy!
Valentino - This gorgeous black and white kitty was left on the doorstep of PAWS and we can't understand why.  After all, he's an extremely sweet, gentle and loving kitty. That's why we named him Valentino.  He's about 7 years old, gets along with other cats and loves people.  He's an established lounger who is always working to perfect his relaxation techniques in warmest and comfiest spots. 

March 22, 2009

Sophia and Squeak

Sophia -- a beautiful and formerly stray cat -- is polydactyl, which means she has lots more toes than a regular kitty.  She looks like she's wearing big, fluffy mittens on her front feet!  Sophia is approximately 7 years old, and has a really sweet temperament.  Sadly, she's getting a little too accustomed to her cage at PAWS.  This gentle girl needs a home where she'll have a little extra room to move around AND lots of love!

Squeak is a unique-looking black and white kitty, who had been wandering the streets for quite a while until a kind man took her in.  Sadly, though, he was unable to keep her and brought her to PAWS.  He was devastated to have to give Squeak up, and after getting to know her, we can certainly understand why.  She an absolute sweetie who loves being pet and having her chin scratched gently.  Her rescuer told us that she loved to curl up on the couch and look out the window to watch the birdies fly by.  She's approximately two years old and has a very distinctive meow.  As you can guess from her name ... her meow sounds just like a squeak!

March 21, 2009

Benjamin and Frenchie

 Benjamin, a beautiful orange tabby, tends to be a little shy when he first meets new people.  But if you approach him slowly and pet his head, then scratch him under his chin while talking quietly and calmly, you'll most likely make a friend for life.  A previous owner de-clawed all four of Benjamin's paws so he'll have to always be an indoor cat since he doesn't have any way to defend himself with.  He craves attention, but also gives clues when he's getting over-stimulated.  He has become somewhat "cage-dependent" at our shelter, so it would be wonderful if he gets adopted soon.  Once he's in his forever home, Benjamin is sure to blossom as he realizes that beyond his cage is a safe and loving world.

Every kitty and human loves Frenchie ... and Frenchie loves every kitty and human, too!  This adorable black and white tuxedo cat loves a good lap and likes to play with her buddy Mercedes (a cute black kitty in her room at PAWS).  At first, Frenchie can come across as being a little shy.  But if you sit on the floor with her, she'll slowly approach you and snuggle up for some good old-fashioned petting.

March 15, 2009

Annie and Kessa

There were a couple of things I was shocked to learn about Annie: 1) That she was an approximately 12-year old domesticated "stray" who was found outside in the elements and 2) That despite her age, she still plays like a kitten (from her little bed, of course)! She loves wand and string toys, and a good stuffed mouse. Annie is super sweet, loves to be pet, has a great appetite, and couldn't be bothered by the other kitties ... she's content to just do her own thing.

My husband and I nicknamed Kessa "Teefa," because she has the cutest little fangs. Found outside in a feral cat colony by one of PAWS' dedicated volunteers, Kessa really stood out. And she continues to do so ... she's got lots of personality, loves a good lap, and enjoys hanging out high in the cat tree in her room at PAWS. Kessa's a talker, and she isn't shy about voicing her opinion when it's time for us to put her back into her cage at the end of day. This girl likes her out time and we have to say that we can't blame her!

March 14, 2009

Animal Adoption Updates...(:

Great news!

Several of the cats that I've noted in this blog have been adopted!

Congratulations to Clover, Mr. Big, Michelle, Buddy, Dylan, and Dexter.

May you all have wonderfully loving homes for the rest of your lives.

We love you!

Your volunteer buddies

March 8, 2009

Cherry and Clover

Although there are so many wonderfully sweet kitties at PAWS, tonight I'm going to highlight two lovely little girls - Cherry and Clover.

Cherry (top two photos) started her history at PAWS being found on the doorstep in a cardboard box one cold, rainy morning. This adorable Torbi likes to play with string toys, seems to get along with most of the kitties in her room, is very easygoing, sweet, and loves the company of people. Whenever Kevin and I walk into the playroom where she resides, we're almost always guaranteed to see her chilling out on the futon, kitty condo, or just about anywhere. She's the consummate lounger!

Clover (bottom photo) is one of the cutest kitties I've ever seen at PAWS because of her timid but very sweet nature and unique markings. Kevin and I have made tremendous strides with her. She was more of a cage dependent cat until we (along with other volunteers) dedicated more petting time and gentle words. She now comes out of her cage and sits on our laps. She's a really special girl who is going to make someone very happy.

They only steal hearts...

Arriving at PAWS not very long ago were siblings Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie (left pic), is a calico cat that has multicolored markings and her brother Clyde (middle and right pics) is a black and white cat...You would never know that they are siblings until you recognize that their heads/faces are very similar in size and shape. And their eyes are almost identical.

Bonnie is a little shy but she seems to like the company of people and LOVES to play with string toys. Clyde, on the other hand, is quite outgoing...He is also very fond of playing with string toys and is eager to receive petting.

Adoptions Update...

I'm very happy to report that some of the kitties previously mentioned in my blog have been adopted: Michelle, Mr. Big, Buddy, Dexter, and Misty. It's so very rewarding to see our little buddies adopted into loving homes.

We will miss you all but are so very happy that you've all been adopted...Yeah! (: