August 30, 2013

FURever Home Friday

Guess what today is?  It's FURever Home Friday! :)

Like rescues everywhere during the warmer months (often referred to as "kitten season"), PAWS has been practically bursting at the seams with kittens.  Thankfully, several of these babies have found forever families since our last adoption update, including: Captain Kirk, Geronimo, Gunnar, Happiness and Janeway (together), Humpty Dumpty, Kent and Kenny (together), Neon, Sitting Bull and Xenon (pictured above).

And check THIS out!  Two adult cats also got in on the adoption parade!  Tilly, a sweet 10 year-old Persian who came to PAWS from a hoarding situation, was adopted just this past weekend.  And Furby, her adorable 3 year-old daughter (rescued from the same situation), also found her very own forever home recently.  To see some beautiful pictures of Tilly and Furby, check out our pal (and fellow PAWS volunteer) Maggie's awesome blog, Shelter Cats!

Be sure to TUNE IN NEXT FRIDAY (August 6), when WE will unveil a wonderful SURPRISE. We just KNOW you'll be as excited as we are! :)

August 28, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Pauline

This is our adoptable friend Pauline.  Isn't she beautiful?

Pauline used to be very timid, but she's made incredible progress with consistent love and attention (and TREATS) from her volunteer pals.  She gets along well with other kitties, and would do well in a quieter home.  Pauline is about 4 years old, spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on all her vaccinations, and has tested negative for FeLV and FIV.  Come meet this sweetheart today! :)
Moosey is taking part in the annual Cat Blogosphere Trip (hosted by our friend Gracie, and going on now)!  This year's destination is PARIS!  Click here to see the adventures that Moosey and his pals from Twinkletoe Tails and his honorary family, the Cherry City Kitties are having! 

August 25, 2013

Easy Like SUNday - Moosey

Our sweet Moosey loves relaxing in our upstairs window.  The view is great, and the sunpuddles are pretty good, too! :)

Have an easy Sunday, everyone.

August 23, 2013

A Kitten Shower!

It's raining kittens!  It's been a very busy "kitten season" around these parts, so PAWS is holding a week-long Kitten Shower to help some of these babies to find forever homes.  And you're all invited!  During the event, there will be lower adoption fees, prizes, refreshments and goody bags.  Oh, and LOTS of sweet, silly and beautiful KITTENS of every size, shape and color! :)

The Kitten Shower runs from Saturday, August 23rd through Saturday, August 30th.  Click here for all the details!

August 21, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Patch :)

Sweet and gentle Patch is still waiting for his forever home.  Won't you give this handsome boy the chance he wants and deserves?

August 17, 2013

Black Cat Appreciation Day 2013

Today, August 17, is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

You may be asking yourself, "why do black cats even need a special day?"  Sadly, the myths, stereotypes and superstitions about black cats being unlucky or "bad" persist for many people.  Statistics certainly seem to bear this out.  Black cats are only half as likely to be adopted as cats of other colors.  And even black cats lucky enough to end up in no-kill rescues stay several months longer than their other-colored counterparts.  What a shame, because there are so many black kitties (including a bunch at PAWS) who are lucky, sweet, lovable and full of personality!  Oh, and sleek and beautiful, too, like sisters Zoe and Gracie:



We LOVE these two sisters so much.  And they love us, too (and everyone they meet)! :)

August 14, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Igor

Adorable Igor is the PAWS "Cat of the Week!"  He first came to PAWS from a hoarding situation, and he's finally learning that humans are okay.  Igor likes treats and catnip, and LOVES to play (he's a GREAT jumper), and the volunteers have been using these tools to help this little guy come out of his shell.  Igor gets along well with other cats, and would do better in a quiet home.  He is about 1 1/2 years old, neutered, micro-chipped, up to date on his vaccinations, and has tested negative for FIV and FeLV.  Come play with Igor today! :)

August 11, 2013

Easy Like Sunday - Moosey

Here's our own sweet Moosey, basking in a sunpuddle and taking it easy.  Have a great Sunday, everybody. :) 

August 8, 2013

World Cat Day - Colorful Kitties

Happy World Cat Day! We think EVERY day is made to celebrate the cats at PAWS, our feline friends, and kitties everywhere.  But we still like that there is an official day for doing so.

When we saw that this year's World Cat Day badge (designed by our good friend Ann at Zoolatry) says to "celebrate the COLORFUL world of cats," we got to thinking about how cats come in so many amazing colors (and shapes, sizes and personalities, too).  The beautiful and adoptable PAWS kitties are certainly no exception to this rule, as shown in this collage of just a few of them...

Aren't they all beautiful? :)


August 5, 2013

Tai's Spa Day

This is our friend Tai.  Just look at those baby blue eyes, and that long silky white fur.  But Tai isn't just another pretty face.  She also happens to be sweet, affectionate and playful like a kitten!

And she loves being brushed, as you can see in this fun video ("Tai's Day at the Spa") we shot over the weekend:

Now that Tai is done with her spa treatment, she's ready to meet you at PAWS.  What are you waiting for? :)

Tai is about 9 years old, spayed, and current on all of her vaccinations.  She has tested negative for FIV and FeLV.

August 2, 2013

Friday Fun with Sheba!

We love seeing the transformational effects of patience and love on kitties having a hard time adjusting to life at the shelter. We recently posted about sweet Sheba, who has become a totally different kitty than the one who used to shun attention by facing the back corner of her cage.  Sheba now seeks out pets and affection whenever her favorite humans visit.  And we just discovered she LOVES interactive video games.  Check out this clip of her playing "Crazy Cat," on our Kindle Fire!


Sheba's high score is 851,300.  She's hoping to beat it this weekend.

Wishing you a weekend that's as fun as Sheba's! :)