September 28, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Fifi :)

Check out our sweet new friend, Fifi. Isn't she beautiful?

Believe it or not, Fifi (who our vet estimates to be about 7 years old) was found as a stray. We have no idea how this friendly Persian ladycat ended up on the streets, but are very glad she found her way to PAWS. Now she's safe, loved and well-cared for as she waits to be discovered by her forever family.

Fifi is spayed, micro-chipped, current on her vaccinations, and negative for FIV and FeLV. She's a calm and gentle kitty whose likes include hanging out with her human pals, being petted and playing. Come meet Fifi, and see for yourself! :)

September 25, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Selfie - Morticia

Adorable and friendly ladycat Morticia almost always greets us at the door when we visit. Today, though, she's chosen to say hi (and take her selfies) from her super comfortable bed. :)

Morticia gets along well with her roommates in PAWS Cat Room 4. She would do best in a quieter home without small children. She's spayed, micro-chipped, current on her vaccinations, and has tested negative for FIV and FeLV. She's ready to bring a boatload of love and happiness into a forever home. Come meet Morticia today!


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September 21, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Sunpuddle Snoozing :)

Here's hoping your Wednesday is as carefree as the one being enjoyed by silly sunpuddle surfers, Merritt and Theodore. :)
Merritt catches some rays up top, while Theodore gets comfortable on the bed.
Both of these wonderful kitties are waiting at PAWS for their forever homes. Come meet them today!

September 18, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Selfie - Greyrock!

This week's Sunday Selfie is brought to you by our handsome and friendly buddy, Greyrock. He was pretty timid when he first came to PAWS, always staying just beyond arm's reach. But what a difference a day some play makes. After a week of consistent play sessions from the staff and volunteers, Greyrock is a different cat!

He's now greeting humans who visit him and his roommates. He loves being pet. And he'll be an awesome best friend to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him. :)

Greyrock also knows how to rock the "Easy Like Sunday" meme.

Greyrock is about one year-old. He's neutered, micro-chipped, and current on his vaccinations. He has tested negative for FIV and FeLV. He's a super nice boy, who gets along well with other cats. Oh, and did we mention that he's ready to find his happily ever after? :)

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September 14, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Dina

Pretty Dina was found as a stray, and brought to PAWS. This sweet, petite kitty is still a little timid, but she's starting to adjust to being in uber-catified Cat Room 5.

Dina is a smart girl, who's learning that the PAWS volunteers and staff are sources of love and kindness (and food ... and catnip). With such encouragement, she's showing her courage a little bit more each day, and just needs time and patience to allow her to blossom into the loving, trusting kitty we know she is. She gets along well with other nice cats, and would do best in a quieter home without small children. Dina will be a wonderful best friend, if you give her the chance.

Dina is about 2 years old, spayed, micro-chipped, and current on her vaccinations. She has tested negative for FIV and FeLV. Come meet her today!

September 11, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Selfie - Phoebe :)

Our sweet-as-pie and adoptable pal Phoebe sure takes a great selfie...

Her likes include catnip, good conversation, scritches and being pet.

Phoebe also has some top-notch Easy Like Sunday skills.

As if you needed any more reason to want to adopt Phoebe, this beautiful, 16 year-old ladycat also happens to qualify for the PAWS Pension Plan, which features no fee adoptions for cats 12 years and older, with the following included at no cost for the life of the cat: a yearly exam and senior blood workup analysis, and vaccinations as recommended by the PAWS vet.

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September 7, 2016

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Jasper

Mesmerizing. That's the word that came to mind when we first met our handsome new friend, Jasper. Just look at those eyes. And that intense gaze. And his sleek and luxurious fur.

Jasper is new at PAWS, so he's still getting used to the sights, smells and sounds that come with living at the shelter. We can only imagine how scary it all is for a less confident cat like him.

Fortunately, through socialization that includes play (which he LOVES), pets, conversation and catnip, Jasper is learning that the people here are actually pretty nice. And that's a good thing, since that realization will help him to trust all humans, and make him more adoptable. :)

Jasper is about one year old, neutered, micro-chipped and current on his vaccinations. He has tested negative for FIV and FeLV. He can be a little rough, so he would do best in a patient, adults-only home without any other pets or children. Won't you give Jasper the chance he so deserves?


Update on Zoe: Thank you all for your continued purrs, prayers and good thoughts. Zoe's checkup on Saturday went well. Her bloodwork yielded good results, and the echocardiogram she had today showed no abnormalities in her heart. It's all good news, but we still don't (and may never) know what actually caused her incident. The upshot, though, is that Zoe is back to her normal, lovable, happy-go-lucky self. :)

September 4, 2016

Easy Like Selfie Sunday :)

When we asked for volunteers for this week's Sunday Selfie, we were delighted that our adoptable pal Seaside raised her paw. As you can see, she's a real cutie pie, and very good at taking selfies.
Seaside (whose brother Cove was featured here a few weeks ago) is about one year old. This sweet and petite ladycat is spayed, micro-chipped, current on her vaccinations and negative for FIV/FeLV. She can be a little shy with new people, but loves attention once she knows you. So come get to know her! :)

Of course, we can't let Sunday go by without a little "Easy Like Sunday" cat-napping. Two of Seaside's (also adoptable) roommates, Mindy and Rudy, have staked out their spots on the always-popular Ikea doll ROOM 5 CAT bed.

Good job, Mindy and Rudy!

Mindy (at left) and Rudy

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September 2, 2016

FURever Home Friday! :)

Happy Friday, everybuddy! And we DO mean happy! That's because it's time for the latest edition of FURever Home Friday, our periodic post about the lucky PAWS cats who've found their happily ever afters. There's a whole lot of exciting news to share, so let's get this party started!

Here are pictures of just a few of the happy August adoptions...

Clockwise from upper left: Nellie, Tilly, Emily, Stingy, Lexi, Sanford, Alexis, Zuul, Lily, Andy, Chandra

And check out these beautiful graduates from July...

Clockwise from upper left: Behrr, Morris, Cappy and Sadie

Here are the complete lists the newest PAWS graduates, alphabetically by month:

AUGUST: Alexis, Almay, Andy, Angus, Bat Girl, Blinky, Buckwheat, Callista, Chandra (who was returned to her original owner of 7 years!), Cheshire Cat, Darla, Elisa, Emily, Fettucini, Fusilli, Gnocchi, Hummy-Fluffy, Jack, JJ, Kiko, Lexi, Lily, Linc, Lucky, Maybelline, Mickey, Mork, Nellie, Piper, Radar, Sanford, Simon, Socks, Stingy, Tilly, Tomas, Virgil, Wesley, Ziti, and Zuul.

JULY: Alton, Beaver, Behrr and Morris (together), Cappy, Claude, Cortland, Dimwit and Pinky (together), Izzy, Layla, Leia, Luke and Tiger Louie (together), Mag, Metallica and Iron Maiden (together), M&M, Nugget, Peanut, Pickles, Pops and Daddia (together), Sadie, Tracker and Sonar (together), and Tresser.

Congratulations and much love to all of the new alumni, and their forever families!


And no FURever Home Friday would be complete without a Happy Tail Tale or two. :)

We adopted Biddy in September 2014 after she had spent two years with you at PAWS. Biddy is doing great and we are so happy to have her. She loves taking naps anywhere she can, drinking water from the sink, and Boar's Head turkey. Thank you PAWS for everything you did for Biddy!

This is Brian (tabby; top) and Buster (all grey). We adopted them from PAWS three years ago in June and they have been the most wonderful addition to our family! They are the biggest lovers and the funniest "fighters." Thank you PAWS for giving us the best cats in the world!