March 31, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Forever Home Edition

Hooray for these PAWS cats who recently found their forever homes! :)


And Larissa, Margarita, Nito, Rachel, Violet, Blanca and Emily were also adopted! We love you all, kitty friends ... enjoy your new forever homes!

March 24, 2010

We Were Tagged Wednesday!

Guess what? We've been "tagged" by our pal Pibble and his human over at One Pibble's Wish. If your reaction is anything like ours was, you're probably asking, "Uh ... what the heck are you talking about?" Well, according to the rules, we were supposed to do the following: "Go to your first photo folder; find the 10th picture; post that photo; and explain the story behind it. Then tag five blogs, asking them to do the same."

Just what, we wondered, would we find in the 10th spot of our photo folder? I actually laughed out loud when I clicked on the file and it revealed this fuzzy, but delightful picture of Aurora -- one of our favorite PAWS graduates -- doing one of her favorite things: playing with her squishy foam bouncy ball. :)

If you've ever known a super smart and observant cat who seemed to take in EVERYTHING, then you've known a cat like Miss Aurora. She'd snoopervise the room intently from her cage, and there was just an undeniable intelligence and a seriousness in her eyes. Maybe that's why Tracey and I were so delighted to learn that she also LOVED to play with the reckless abandon of a kitten! It was certainly one of the reasons we loved her so much during her time at PAWS, and why we remember her so fondly.

According to the most recent update from her mommy, Aurora is doing splendidly in her forever home, making happy new memories and, as they say, living happily ever after. :)

Oh, and before we forget, here's who we're tagging:

Milo and Alfie Marshall at The Cat's Meow
Fui, Suey and Lishy at Forever Foster
Tristan and Crikey at Tristan and Crikey at the Beach
The whole gang at Melody's Katz

March 17, 2010

Wonderful News Wednesday!

Maybe the stars have been aligned perfectly. Or maybe our kitty angels Bitsy, Graphite and Lady Madonna have been working overtime. Or maybe it's the result of the purrs and prayers of all of our Cat Blogosphere friends. Whatever it is, it's working like a good luck shamrock (Happy St. Patrick's Day!), and we've had a virtual cornucopia of fantastic adoptions in the past few weeks!

If you've been reading our Blog for a while, you'll recognize -- and be super excited about -- the names of the following kitties who have found forever homes. So just WHO was adopted, you ask?

And as if that's not enough excitement for one posting, we're also over the moon that a bunch of PAWS kitties we hadn't yet covered in our Blog have found their forever homes, too:

Aphrodite and Emily, Audrey, Cadbury and Godiva, Carter, Cissy, Eddie, Emma, Hershey, Ivy, Kimmie, Lindsay, Madden, Nestle, Peggy Sue, Rose, Tootsie and Tristan (from foster)

Be well in your new forever homes, feline friends. We love you! :)

March 13, 2010

Beauty and a new found grace...

Tee-Ma, the beautiful grey kitty highlighted in our most recent "(Almost) Wordless Wednesday" post, has recently made some remarkable strides we'd like to share with you!

When she first arrived at PAWS, Tee-Ma was quite fearful of her new surroundings and the people that came with them. She preferred the security of her cage, and even when we opened her cage door, she rarely ventured out. But through patient and consistent interaction with PAWS staff members and volunteers, we're happy to report that Tee-Ma has absolutely blossomed. She has recently grown fond of regular petting, and is now a bonafide member of the LAP CAT Club! Yes, you read that right. Last weekend, as I was sitting on the floor during Tee-Ma's out time, she sauntered over to me and slowly put one paw on my thigh, then the other, and before I knew it, she was nestled into my lap, graciously taking in all the petting and loving that I could give.

I was so incredibly happy, and a wave of calm came over me as I realized that with her new found trust in people, sweet, gorgeous, and formerly timid Tee-Ma is well on her way to being adopted into her forever home. :)

March 10, 2010

A Great Note from Ginger's Foster Dad

Last June, we posted a story about Ginger and Tump, who came to PAWS when their owner passed away. It soon became apparent that these two sweet kitties weren't particularly attached to each other, and that they could be adopted out individually. Happily for Tump, he found his forever home a few weeks after that posting, and he is now living "the high life." But for those of you asking whatever became of Ginger, this is your lucky day. Because this post is an official Ginger the Cat update! And who better to share about Ginger than Chris, her foster dad (and fellow PAWS volunteer)? So without further ado, here's Chris:

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful cat I am fostering named Ginger. There are actually 2 other Gingers at PAWS, so she is Ginger I, but I don’t call her by that name. I call her "Gin Gin." I have no idea why, it just came out that way and I kept it.

From what I know, she is 23 years old! She is doing very well for that age. When I first brought her home, she took no time at all getting adjusted. I figured when I opened the cat carrier she would find a hidden spot somewhere, but she simply started walking around and stayed in the open. I was prepared to separate Ginger and my own cat (Tumble) until they got accustomed to each other and Ginger got used to her new surroundings, but there was no need. They weren't instant best friends, but they both immediately tolerated each other. You can’t beat that.

I don’t remember how I discovered that Gin Gin is deaf. I don’t think it was one thing but rather a succession of events. I have learned how to communicate with her without sound: vibrations, light and shadows, touching. And she is certainly not afraid to be vocal! Can she meow! And purr.

I have noticed her curling up with a TV remote control, placing her paw and head on it and relaxing. I’m sure she’s done that before, and it makes me feel as though I am getting a glimpse of her previous life (she is doing just that as I am writing). And now she’s doing the one thing that I wish she wouldn't, even though I find it amusing. If she is bored with sitting next to me on the bed as I use my laptop, she will get up, walk around the back of the laptop, around the side, to the front, and walk right on the keys. And yes, she knows exactly what she is doing. I have tried to get her to walk NEXT to the laptop and keyboard, and she almost always refuses. She has to walk ON the keyboard. She is stubborn. Or persistent. Or both. Most of the time I win and she eventually stops. Eventually. If not, we make a trip to the kitchen for a cat snack.

I think Ginger wants to win this time. And so to the kitchen I must go … dcsgvdghgbbjhnh.

Our ultimate hope is that Ginger will find a forever home of her very own. But until that happens, we are extremely grateful that Chris has opened his home and heart to her. :)

***** UPDATE (April 7, 2010): You can now refer to Chris as "DAD." He officially adopted Ginger last week. :) Yay for Chris and Gin Gin! *****

March 3, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

A few photos of some of the kitties currently living at PAWS...