August 31, 2012

Friendly Cat Friday - Jack III

Here's sweet and friendly Jack III. Seriously, how can anyone resist that adorable face?  Or those cute paws?  Or those white whiskers?

This tuxedo mancat is about 4 years old, neutered, up-to-date on all his vaccinations, and has tested negative for FIV and FeLV.  Bring some sweetness into your life ... adopt Jack III today! :)

August 29, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Sisters

Cinnamon and Ginger (she's the one in the basket) are incredibly sweet senior sisters in search of a nice quiet forever home (together, of course).  While they seem to be okay with living in the PAWS records room, these beautiful ladycats are purring for a forever home with some nice sun puddles and some windows that are always showing "Bird and Squirrel TV."

August 26, 2012

Easy Like Sunday - Sammy :)

Here's our own sweet Sammy.  As you can see, he's taking it easy like Sunday. :)

Happy Sunday, everyone!

August 24, 2012

FURever Home Friday!

Whatever your plans are for the upcoming weekend, you may want to leave some time for a little bit (or a lot) of HAPPY DANCING, because it's time for another edition of FURever Home Friday! Just get a load of the newest PAWS graduating class:

Armani and Prada (together)
Daisy and Lilly (together)
Duke (to live with PAWS alums Smith and Thompson)

And here are a couple of those "happily ever after" reports we all love:

Popcorn is now named Georgia, and she is doing great. Her family reports that she is a very sweet cat, and great with their children. They are absolutely thrilled with her!

Remember sisters Krystal and Loreen? Well, their new mom and dad report that:

Loreen is the ultimate lap cat. The minute anyone sits down, she's right there. And she sleeps with (actually on) us at night! Krystal prefers to snuggle in the laundry at night ... clean, dirty ... she just doesn't care. She is also quite talkative. We love Krystal and Loreen. They really like their new home, especially the open windows where they can get some sun, some fresh air and a view.

Let the dancing begin!
Have a great weekend, everyone! :)
Oh, and be sure to check out Sparkle the Designer Cat's post about PAWS cats Goldie, Derek and Andy!  Thanks to Sparkle for helping spread the word about these adoptable kittehs!

August 22, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday :)

While handsome DiMaggio snoozes...

Sweet Doodle shows her mischievous side...

Then tries to play it off...
Who, me?
DiMaggio and Doodle are both available for adoption.  Come meet them -- and the other amazing PAWS cats -- today! :)
Check this out! Adoptable senior PAWS cat Sophia is featured today
on the 1-800-PetMeds Adoptable Pet Spotlight

August 20, 2012

Memorial Mancat Monday - Lloydie

This is a very sad time for the PAWS volunteers and staff. On Friday, we bid a final farewell to our sweet and handsome friend Lloydie.  This amazing, peaceable and loving kitteh first came to PAWS in May 2011.

Lloydie and me: headbonking buddies forever

Lloydie had recently become very ill, had begun to lose a lot of weight, and was disinterested in food.  An ultrasound gave the vets strong reason to believe that cancer was the probable cause.  To complicate matters, he was in the terminal stages of acute liver failure, having difficulty breathing and weak.  As our shelter director, Michele, said so eloquently, “…extraordinary measures such as feeding tubes would be in complete opposition to our love for Lloydie, and our most fervent wish that he not suffer.”

So, with Michele holding him in her arms, Lloydie was gently helped to the Rainbow Bridge Friday afternoon.

Our wish is for all PAWS animals to be adopted to live out their days with homes and people of their very own. While that didn't happen for Lloydie, we are thankful that PAWS' no-kill policy meant he was in a safe, warm and loving environment for the final 1 1/2 years of his life.

We miss your headbonks already, Lloydie, and we love you forever. Fly free, sweet boy ... we'll see you when we get to the Rainbow Bridge.

August 17, 2012

Black Cat Appreciation Day 2012

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Did you know black cats are only half as likely to get adopted as cats of other colors? And that, on average, they stay several months longer in shelters than any other cats? Isn't that CRAZY? Well, we certainly think so.  There are a bunch of beautiful, amazing and adoptable black cats at PAWS.  Here are just a few of them:

Come and meet these "house panthers" today! You might just find your new best friend. :)

Be sure to visit Sparkle the Designer Cat's blog.  She is raising funds to help PAWS cats AND featuring PAWS cats every Thursday in August.  We love you, Sparkle! :)

August 15, 2012

(Almost) Wordless - Pan and Persephone

While beautiful Persephone relaxes... Pan is having a great time playing in the cat tower!

Affectionate and playful, this brother-sister duo is about 1 1/2 years old, neutered/spayed, current on their vaccinations, microchipped, and ready to be adopted together. :)

August 12, 2012

Easy Like Sunday - Maggie and Milo

Here are beautiful tuxie Maggie and fluffy orange mancat Milo.

What could be better than taking it easy with your best friend?

August 9, 2012

Thank you, Sparkle!

Our good friend Sparkle the Designer Cat is the coolest! When Sparkle learned she was a finalist for the "Best Blog Post" category of the Petties, she took nominations and held a vote to select which rescue she would support were she to win her category.  PAWS was among those nominated, and we won (thank you all who voted)!  So, if Sparkle wins, PAWS will get $1,000!

The always generous Sparkle didn't stop there. She has also placed a donation widget for PAWS on the righthand side of her blog (it will be there throughout the month of August). So whether or not she wins a Pettie, PAWS will get donations.

Sparkle will ALSO be featuring two adoptable PAWS cats each Thursday in August! Last week, she featured our pals Dottie and Allie.  If you haven't already done so, be sure to check out Sparkle's blog.  You'll be glad you did (plus, you'll get to see which PAWS cats she's featuring this week). :)

Thank you, Sparkle.  Like we said ... you're the COOLEST!

August 5, 2012

August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who voted for us in the Petties!  Heck, we're thankful no matter who you voted for, because each finalist in every category has selected a non-profit rescue to receive the $1,000 donation they'll get if they win. So animals are going to benefit no matter what! :)

Winners will be announced live at 3PM PST on September 7, 2012.  So we can all relax (as demonstrated above by PAWS resident Milo) until then. :)

Thank you again.  We love and appreciate you all!

Kevin, Tracey, Sammy, and Moosey, and all the PAWS cats