July 29, 2010

Finally Friday

Whew! It's been one of those weeks. As you can see, our pal Mercedes is getting a head start on one of the activities we have planned for the weekend. :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

July 21, 2010

Until We Cross Rainbow Bridge Together

This week the volunteers and staff at PAWS grieve the heartbreaking losses of two very special kitties, Minnie and Kiki.

Minnie, our diminutive "cow-kitty," came to Paws in April 2009 and entered into a foster home this past May, when she was quickly entering the final stages of renal failure. During her time in foster, our sweet girl "... got to sleep in sunbeams - she had her bed in the window to see the sunrise, a spot on the bed for the afternoon sun and a perch to look out the window at sunset. She got to feel a breeze on her face and watch the birds, squirrels and chipmunks in the yard. And she was loved very much." (as quoted by Matt, her kind-hearted foster parent)

You all celebrated with us when -- in our most recent post -- we shared the happiest of stories regarding the adoption of our dear, sweet Bengal kitty, Kiki, who landed himself a wonderful, loving, and palatial home. How extremely shocked and saddened we were when his adoptive family informed us that Kiki succumbed to old age. We can't help but think back to the picture of him lounging in his courtyard, next to a book, saying, "what a life he had toward the end."

Kevin and I want to thank you, Matt, for opening your heart and home to Minnie, even though you knew her time on this earth was limited. Your strength and compassion are greatly admired and appreciated. Though our hearts broke to hear of Minnie's passing, we are so glad to know she had the opportunity to once again enjoy life outside of a shelter and in a loving home.

We would also like to thank Kiki's adopted family for loving him so much and so well, even though he was a senior cat. You are indeed very special, and we wish there were more people like you.

To our dearest kitty friends Minnie and Kiki, you will both continue to have a special place in our hearts, until the day we are reunited and walk together over Rainbow Bridge. In the meantime, please tell Bitsy, Graphite, Lady Madonna, Pharaoh, and all the other kitties that we've loved and lost that we say "hi" and that we'll never forget them, and that we look forward to that very special day...


Tracey & Kevin

July 9, 2010

Kiki's Wonderful Weekend Tale

We recently heard from the family that adopted Kiki, the talkative and lovable 13-year old Bengal cat we wrote about back in April. It looks and sounds to us like our pal Kiki is living the good life. We've included below the message and picture we received from his forever family. Don't you just love a happy ending? :)

Kiki bonded to me before the end of the first day; so we bailed on the crating for a week, and all of that. He loved his nice new bed and never looked back. I ended up getting horribly sick the very day we got him and spent the first night in the ER, and when I came home he was my constant companion, sitting with me outdoors in the garden with our bulldog. He and Samantha (the other cat) took about a week, and now they're quite friendly, certainly no hissing or anything like that, but the love affair is between me and Kiki and Kiki and Norman the Bulldog. They spend HOURS in our enclosed garden, whenever I'm not home. Our children LOVE him, and he is fabulous with them. He has been the topic of every school project and picture. In the morning I let him out from downstairs and he leaves Samantha alone and joins the hustle bustle. I have a tea, he enjoys one slice of organic chicken meat that I'm making for lunch boxes, then we go room to room and wake up the kids. He LOVES a good cuddle, so several times a day that has to happen. But I think he loves the action of our house, and I think he REALLY loves the very safe and secure garden environment with all the flowers, trees and birds (without any of the danger). So, I've fallen in love with a 13 year old cat, he's heaven. He's the most intelligent, sweet natured animal I've ever met. We're trying to give him the life of a king! Thank you so much, it was a great match-up. Hope all is well! – Liz A.

Have a great weekend! :)