April 25, 2009

Update on Bootz and Houdini...

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on two kitties previously mentioned in my blog - Bootz and Houdini:

Kevin and I visited the room of Bootz and Houdini today and were delighted to see they are making further strides in getting acclimated to shelter life. Kevin sat on the couch and Bootz hopped up next to him and laid down to be petted and scratched under his chin! Talk about a huge breakthrough ... Bootz is learning to trust the volunteers enough put himself out there in a vulnerable way. You go, Bootz!

And through the window of the room, we've observed Houdini lounging on various pieces of furniture. This is a big step for this little guy. When he first came to PAWS, Houdini wouldn't come out from behind the cat condo in his room. Then, one day he mustered up the courage to sniff some dry cat food in Kevin's hand. His next breakthrough was to reach out from behind the cat condo to touch my hand with his paw. And NOW he is coming out *even when people are present* and laying down in the center of the room. Way to go, Houdini!

In no time, both of you will be placed into very loving homes...(:

Previous post about Bootz and Houdini:

April 19, 2009

A dose of kitty therapy...

Okay ... I probably haven't announced the following yet in my blog, but as of March 31st I have joined the ranks of the unemployed. Although I firmly believe everything happens for a reason, there are times during my search for a job when I feel the need for little "kitty therapy." I recently had one of those days.

With my copy of the job search book What Color is Your Parachute in hand, I visited each of the cat rooms, sat on the floor with various cats, and got to know some interesting things about their behavior when a human is quiet and "just reading." For example, Kessa (mentioned in a previous blog entry) hopped up on my lap and started to lick my face. Boy, her tongue feels just like sandpaper! But she's just so lovable with those cute little fangs! Some of the more shy cats like Mercedes (see picture, taken immediately after she finished rolling around on the floor during a really fun play session), sat just a few feet away looking very pleased to have human companionship.

This is the life!

If you've ever considered doing something like volunteer work, and like animals, you may want to consider giving your time at a local animal shelter. Words cannot express how much Kevin and I get from it. And to see how much of an impact we make on these animals' lives is so worth the time we dedicate to it.

April 18, 2009

Check out little Olivia!

Olivia came to PAWS not too long ago and has already made a huge impression on all of the cat volunteers! Less than a year old, this cute-faced little girl has a super sweet and gentle personality and seems to get along with all the other cats in her room.

April 12, 2009

Bootz and Houdini

These two boys (Bootz is the black and white kitty, and Houdini is the handsome boy bedecked in orange and white) are perfect examples of cats who find the shelter to be a scary place ... at first. We're happy to report that both of these guys are making big strides and gaining courage with each passing day. It's said that "slow but steady sometimes wins the race," and despite being in a room with lots of other cats and many people coming in and out, these guys are really starting to come out of their shells. It's a testimony to the dedication of the volunteers who work with these shy cats day in and day out. It's amazing how many cats blossom with patient, gentle love and attention. In our years volunteering at PAWS, we've seen many cats who came in utterly afraid metamorphose into loving kitties whose stories have the happiest of endings -- adoptions and homes to call their very own.

April 11, 2009


Oh, how I adore this cute little black butterball of love! From the minute Claire came to PAWS, she stole my heart ... she climbed right up on my chest and gave me kisses and wanted to be pet.  Always up for a good brushing, Claire purrs from the moment the cat brush touches her fur.  She also likes a good cat bed.  This sweet, easygoing girl always makes herself right at home.  If you're looking for love, Claire's got it in abundance!

April 5, 2009

Morgan and Chandler

These very sweet litter mates came back to PAWS when their owner could no longer keep them. Morgan (the all black kitty) greets Kevin and me at the door when we come to visit him and his furry buddies in their room.  He is  also the first to lie down with us on the futon in the room.  Chandler (the black and white kitty) is the more cerebral kitty of the two, and as such, is more content to "take it all in."  He's the type of guy who likes to hang out and scope out what's going on in the world around him.  It's clear from their interactions that these gentle brothers love each other very much.

April 4, 2009


Artie - This cute 2 year old orange and white tabby is a really nice boy who came in with his sibling Ari (who looks almost identical to him). When they first came to PAWS they were very afraid but they have since settled in fine. Artie gets along with all the many cats in his room, is very gentle, and loves to play with his brother. He also thoroughly enjoys watching "Cat TV" and, as you can see from his picture, lounging on the giant bean bag-like chair.