August 2, 2009

It Was Spay & Neuter Day Today!

Approximately one day a month, PAWS donates areas of its facility to a local organization by the name of FeralCare - an all-volunteer group dedicated to spay and neuter efforts to help control cat overpopulation. Volunteers capture these kitties and bring them to PAWS, where veterinarians volunteer their time to spay and neuter them.

Today a total of 49 cats were spayed/neutered. FeralCare had planned to do a lot more, but a caravan carrying 20+ cats had car trouble and did not make it to the event.

This month's event was not without its scary moment ... one of the kittens spayed at the clinic was not waking up, even several hours after her surgery. Our shelter director brought her to an emergency clinic where she received IV fluids and supportive care. Happily, though, she was up and about the very next day. And what, you may be asking, happened to the kitten? Well ... she's now a PAWS kitty, and has been newly named "Miracle." (:

Thank you, FeralCare, for all of the wonderful work you do!

If you or anyone else would like more info on FeralCare please visit


Clara Nolan said...

Dear Tracey,

Thank you so much for the wonderful entry about FeralCare and our clinic. This clinic is really my passion and would not have been possible had Paws not opened its very welcoming doors. The volunteers are all very understanding as we descend and pretty much take over the place!!! Many thanks to Adrienne who is an Angel!! Without her intervention "Miracle" would not have survived. It really "Takes a Village" do do what we in rescue are trying to accomplish. My heartfelt thanks to all. Clara Nolan, FeralCare

PAWSVolunteer said...

Kev and I thank you, Clara, for the wonderful work you and your team of volunteers do!