November 20, 2009

An adorable face (and personality to match)!

Okay... have you ever seen such an adorable face? This photogenic little boy, who goes by the name of Frankie, is quite a charmer. But he wasn't always that way. When Frankie first came to PAWS, he was terribly frightened, and the signs of his fear (hissing, growling, yowling, spitting and lashing out) frightened us, too! (:

It seemed that perhaps coming directly to the shelter was a little too much, too soon for Frankie. So a very kind volunteer fostered him for a while so that he could get used to people and living with other cats. That seems to have been exactly what was needed, because now that Frankie is back at PAWS, he's settled down a lot, and his cute and fun personality is coming through. When he's not playing, he likes sitting in volunteers' laps and climbing the cat tree in his room.

Kev and I really enjoy spending time with this playful and fun little dude, and we know he'll do well with whoever is lucky enough to adopt him!

November 17, 2009

Still more happy endings!




We wanted to share some nice updates we've received from the new forever homes of some PAWS graduates. :)

Houdini, the adorable orange and white cat who was nearly feral when he first came to PAWS, and who underwent a miraculous transformation to become the "official greeter of humans and felines alike" in his open cat room, is doing extremely well in his new home.

We mentioned before that Reggie and Raisin, two of Houdini's old roommates, were adopted together. Their new dad wrote to say that the guys are doing great. He shared that "Reggie just swaggered out of the crate and took over." He also shared that even though Raisin has been a bit shier, he's also adjusting well and enjoys play time ... everyone seems quite happy.

Congratulations to Reggie, Raisin and Houdini! We love you all, and know you'll continue to do well in your new forever homes. :)

November 10, 2009

Hooray for Ilona!

Look up the definition of "lap cat" in the dictionary, and you just might find a picture of sweet Ilona. That's why we're especially happy to tell you that Ilona has found some laps (and people to go with them!) of her very own. We'll really miss her!

It's especially gratifying to know that ending up at PAWS allowed Ilona to find her forever home. Even though she had a bunch of strikes against her (she was found wandering around on the streets ... she's about 10 years old ... she's had some weight-related health issues...), the staff and volunteers at PAWS took Ilona in, cared for her and loved her with the belief that there was a good home out there for her. Well, even though it took more than a year, that home has been found. :)

You may think that Ilona is a pretty lucky cat, but we think her new family is even luckier to have found her.

So long, Ilona. We love you!

November 8, 2009

A Squeak Celebration Sunday

We have some terrific adoption news to share. Squeak -- the sweet and adorable black and white kitty once found wandering the streets -- has found her forever home! The story of how Squeak and her new people found each other is pretty neat, so here it is in a nutshell...

A couple was leafing through their community newspaper, when they came across a picture and an elongated caption of one of the cats at PAWS. The kitty's name ("Squeak") and appearance (black and white) immediately grabbed the couple's attention. Why? Well, "Squeaky" had been the name of their beloved black and white kitty of many years who had gone to Rainbow Bridge earlier this year. The people *had* been thinking about adopting a new cat at some point, but hadn't yet felt ready. After seeing and reading about Squeak, though, they were compelled to met her. And once they did, so began the "happily ever after." Good luck in your forever home, Squeak. We love you! :)