September 24, 2010

It's Good to be an Indoor Cat :)

Hi! My name is Noelle, but I'm also known by my friends as "Meow Meow." Let me tell you ... I sure am happy to be an indoor cat. I've been outside, and it's very scary! My PAWS volunteer friends Tracey and Kevin (who also happen to write this blog) found me wandering around by myself in the woods back in July -- during the middle of the hottest week of the year. I could tell they were cat lovers right away, and was so relieved and happy when they stopped to pet and talk to me. I even climbed in their laps when they sat on the ground!

The people at PAWS had me checked out by a V-E-T, and it was a really good thing my friends found me, because I had a leg wound that needed to be treated AND an upper respiratory infection. I'm all better now, living at PAWS and waiting to find a purrfect forever home. I'm a young (about one year old), sweet and playful ladycat. I am spayed and am up to date on all my vaccinations. I hope I'm adopted real soon ... hey, maybe YOU can adopt me ... but until then, am living in one of the open cat rooms at PAWS.

Love and Purrs,

Noelle aka Meow Meow

September 15, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Pixie

Beautiful Pixie is a shy and sweet girl cat looking for a nice quiet home. She loves being pet and brushed, and seems to be fascinated with watching the playful kittens who share her room at PAWS. :)

September 9, 2010

Really Thankful Thursday

And just what are we thankful for? Well ... since our last adoption update, we've had some great adoptions and received really heartwarming follow-up notes from some adoptive families. :)

The adoptions include five kitties we've covered previously on our blog: Babe (pictured above), Chyna, Oliver, Pip and Shaq. Also joining the ranks of official PAWS alumni are: Alexa, Almond, Cap'n Crunch, Cashew, Chester, Cutie Pie & Faith, Earl the Girl, Flower, Graham, Hank (to foster), Itchy & Scratchy, Jax, Jellybean (to live with Frenchie!), Kix & Trix, Ladybug, Lapis, Layla, Leif, Lolita, Ludwig (to foster), Macaroni, Magenta & Joon, Maya & Savannah, Mr. Friendly, Mr. Meow, Petal, Pisces, Polly, Queen Bee & her daughter, Quinn, Sweet Pea & Pesto, Tigor, and Tikka & Charlie.

As for the follow-up notes, here are a couple that we hope make you smile as much as they did us...

"Prince is doing well. He and I were MADE for each other. He is SUCH a lovey-bear! He now sleeps with me every night and lays on the foot of my recliner sometimes (especially if I am not feeling well). He likes to wake me up very early on weekend mornings to feed him by sneaking up next to my face and touching his little nose to mine and purring so loud you'd think a Harley Davidson was in my bedroom ... it's just too cute! He loves tummy-rubs and ear-scritching and if he had his way I would do it 24/7. When I talk to him ... he totally understands what I’m saying and acts on it. He greets me with much kitty-chatter when I come home at night and at bedtime! I just adore him!”

"Sherwood (who is now named Massimo) is doing great and has fully acclimated into our family. My older cat Bella has finally accepted him. It took close to 6 months, but it looks like we are there. They are now feeding together, and just the other day, Massimo had finished eating and as he turned the corner to leave the room he was face to face with Bella. They stopped and looked at each other. He then proceeded to lick her neck/chest area and nuzzled his head into her neck. It was the first time I witnessed a display of affection between them and frankly cutest thing I've ever seen them do! He's great with our kids - still a little skittish as they are a little loud for his taste and he keeps a low profile when we have guests (especially children). He kills all of the bugs too! He loves to get groomed and have his nails trimmed. Thanks again for helping us pick out and rescue the perfect addition to our family! We could not be happier. He truly is a gentle giant!"

Have a great day, everyone! :)