September 30, 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Here's Bootz -- one of PAWS' most avid fans of "Cat TV" -- making himself comfortable. As you can see, this guy has continued to make tremendous strides since we last wrote about him. (Note: he looks pretty pudgy in this picture, but in actuality a lot of it is fluffy fur...).

September 28, 2009

Hail Pharaoh...

Hail to one of the sweetest cats to ever set foot in PAWS!

Pharaoh -- a gentle cat who came to PAWS when his owner passed away -- is the type of cat who blends in with the crowd. Blending in isn't a bad thing, but in this case it means Pharaoh doesn't have the kind of personality that stands out when you first meet him. It's times like these that the work of the volunteers is even more important. We get to know the subtle nuances of a cat through regular interaction and can offer up this information when called upon by an adoption counselor. It can make all the difference in the world, and help to create the "perfect match" between adopter and pet.

So what, you may be asking, is Pharaoh's personality like? Well, as mentioned above, he's a gentle soul AND he loves the company of people. Regular petting is definitely on his menu of favorites. He's also really easy-going, which makes the task of getting him back in his cage after some time out a breeze...(:

Kev and I are continuing to get to know Pharaoh, and can't wait to share our updates about this wonderful boy.

September 19, 2009

Nice Quiet Cat Looking for a Nice Quiet Home

When Eden looks at you straight on, his facial markings kind of look like a "Peace" sign. I think that's pretty appropriate, because he's a sweet guy searching for peace, love and understanding. You see, Eden came to us from a home where yelling, screaming and discord were the norm. As a result, when Eden first arrived at PAWS, he wasn't sure whether or not he could trust the volunteers or staff members here. We'd often find him hiding in his litter box, warily watching us as we moved about the room. With sadness and concern, Tracey and I wondered if Eden would ever feel comfortable around people...

That's why I'm especially excited to report that Eden has made tremendous strides since he's been at PAWS. Once he got past all of the new sights (other cats? yikes!), smells (other cats? yikes!!!), and sounds (other cats? and dogs, too? YIKES!), he was able to realize that the humans in this place spoke gently, moved slowly, and offered great things like love, pets ... and food!

Over the last month or so, Eden and I have struck up quite the friendship, and we both enjoy our times together. Eden loves being talked to softly and is a huge fan of being pet. Every now and then, he even throws in a few "head-butts" to show his appreciation. This handsome fellow is about 4 years old, neutered, and current on his vaccines. He's grown so much, and I know he'll be a great and loyal friend for the human who adopts him. If you've got a quiet home with no other pets or small children, Eden might just be the cat for you.

Peace out!

September 5, 2009

Sweet to the Max!

Max was brought to PAWS after he was found as a stray. Lucky for him (and us), because we're not sure how long he would've been able to survive on the streets. You see, this kitty is, as they say, "a lover, not a fighter." It was obvious the poor guy was a bit overwhelmed by the whole shelter experience at first, but his sweet and gentle nature was evident from day one. And now that he's become used to the sights, smells and sounds of the shelter, it's been confirmed: Max is a 100%, unabashed love bug. He loves being pet, having his head and neck scratched, and being talked to. Do those things, and you just may have a new best friend forever! :)

Max and his cute spotted nose are about two years old. Like all of the animals at PAWS, he is neutered and up-to-date on all his vaccinations.