May 12, 2021

(Almost) Wordless Vishnu

Some of you may remember our September post about our super handsome and uber friendly pal, Vishnu. After being in a wonderful long-term foster home for a while, this amazing mancat is back at PAWS to find a happily ever after of his very own.

Vishnu is just about purrfect. Playful? Yup. Snuggly lapcat? Check. Gets along with other nice cats? Yes. Loves humans? Affirmative. So, what are you waiting for? Come meet Vishnu today! πŸ’–
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May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!

"Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation." - Robert A. Heinlein 


Happy Mother's Day to our favorite Cat Mom Tracey πŸ’•, and to all mothers of every species everywhere!

Love, Hugs and Headbonks,

Ava and Dad Kevin (meowmeowmans)

Today is a special Mother's Day edition of the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by our pals at The Cat On My Head. Be sure to check it out to see who else is hopping along (or to join in on the fun)!

May 5, 2021

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Roommate Fun

We love adorable roommates Stacy, Sunny, and Flash. As you can see, they all get along well with each other. You'll also see that Miss Flash is a professional photobomber. MOL.

Sunny in the foreground, with Flash looking on
Beautiful Miss Flash
Sweet Stacy. Photobomb courtesy of Flash.
Housepanther sisters Stacy (L) and Sunny
Come meet these amazing and adoptable kitties at PAWS today! You (and they) will be glad you did!
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May 2, 2021

Oreo's Selfies

Check out our adorable little friend Oreo! She's sweet and gentle, and as you can see, she's also pretty good at taking a selfie. 😻

Oreo is about two years old. She's spayed, current on her vaccinations, and negative for FIV and FeLV. She's super friendly, and loves getting attention from her human friends. Oreo is so ready to find her new best friend. Could it be you?


It's Sunday, which means we're hopping along in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by our pals at The Cat On My Head. Be sure to check it out to see who else is hopping along (or to join in on the fun)!

April 28, 2021

Totally Lovable Jerry

We all LOVE our gentle and adoptable friend Jerry. His adorable face is a window into his super sweet nature. Take a look for yourself.

But it's not just his sweetness that has endeared Jerry to all of us. Perhaps just as much of everyone's affection for him stems from how far he has come since arriving at PAWS. When he first came in as a stray, he would just cower in the back of his cage. We would rarely see his face, since he would do everything to avoid making eye contact. Quite simply, he was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of the shelter.

But with love, kindness, and consistency from his human friends, Jerry has learned that the world isn't such a scary place. He loves being pet and snuggled, and it is utterly heartwarming to see how he looks forward to our times together. See that bed he's in? It's still his "safe" spot, but as soon as he hears a familiar voice, his head pops out like an adorable jack-in-the box.

This past weekend, he actually ventured out of his bed in his excitement about getting some quality time with us. πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’•

Check out this quick video for a sweet glimpse of what that quality time entailed!


Jerry is about 10 years old, would do best in a quiet home with patient humans who are willing to gain his trust. He would be a great companion for another adult or senior kitty in your home. His only special need is a urinary health diet. Jerry also has FIV, but it's important to remember this does not mean he can't live a long and happy life! According to Best Friends Animal Society, "FIV-positive cats can live normal lives, both in quality and duration. They just need to be monitored for infections and dental issues. But if they’re well cared for, they can be healthy, happy, wonderful pets." FIV cannot be passed to other cats through casual contact, or by sharing food, water, or a litter box. Nor can it be passed to people or other pet species.

Come meet Jerry today, and fall in love (like we all already have)!
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April 25, 2021

Cheddar's Selfies

Our friendly, handsome, and adoptable buddy, Cheddar, is such an awesome dude. As you can see, he volunteered to be this week's selfie participant, and had a really fun time with it.

Cheddar is about 3 years old, and came to PAWS after being found as a stray. He enjoys getting attention from people, likes to play, and gets along with other nice cats. Oh, and if you're wondering why he decided to roll around on the floor, it's catnip-induced. He also happens to be a huge catnip fan. 😸

Cheddar is neutered, current on his vaccinations, and negative for FIV and FeLV. He's definitely ready to find his happily ever after. Is it with you?

It's Sunday, which means we're hopping along in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by our pals at The Cat On My Head. Be sure to check it out to see who else is hopping along (or to join in on the fun)!

April 21, 2021

(Almost) Wordless Wynken and Blynken

Remember Bert and Ernie, who we featured on Sunday? Well, the stars of today's post are their cute-as-a-button roommates, Wynken and Blynken! As you can see, there's a whole lot of adorable going on in PAWS Showcase Room 1. 😸😺

These two cuties were fostered by our friend and fellow volunteer, Paul, who did an amazing job of helping them get ready to find their forever home. Little ladycat Wynken and mancat Blynken are both about 5 months old. They are still a little shy around people they don't know, but do like to be held and snuggled. And they like other nice cats. We're pretty certain they'll do really well in a forever home! Wynken and Blynken are spayed and neuttered, respectively, current on their vaccinations, and negative for FIV and FeLV. Come meet them today, and fall in love.
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