June 30, 2011

International Box Day

Today is International Box Day on the Cat Blogosphere!

We've never met a cat who didn't love boxes. After all, boxes are great for scratching, jumping on, and hiding in. And as our very own sweet Sammy (a PAWS graduate) demonstrates here ... boxes are also great for sleeping in. :)

Sammy: Um, can you put away the camera, Dad? I'm trying to sleep here...

Happy International Box Day, everybody! :)

June 17, 2011

Thursday’s Forever Home Friday :)

Thursday the Cat grew up at the shelter. We all watched her transformation from kitten to gawky teenager, and finally to beautiful adult cat. Some people might say it’s a little sad to see a cat live so long at a shelter, but we're thankful for no-kills like PAWS, where wonderful animals can remain for as long as it takes for them to be adopted. And we’re happy to report that our pal Thursday has finally found the long awaited forever home she so deserves. We love and miss you, Thursday. ConCATulations to you and your new family! :)

June 12, 2011

Easy Like Sunday - Room 8

Our pals in Cat Room 8 sure know how to take it easy.
Here are pictures of three of them doing just that. :)


Have a great Sunday, everybody. :)

June 8, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Here are just a few of the wonderful cats
available for adoption at PAWS.*




[*Be sure to click on the pictures to make them bigger,
so that you can see these cats in all their splendor! :)]

June 3, 2011

FURever Home Friday - Bootz Edition :)

Hi, I’m Bootz. My volunteer pals Tracey and Kevin said it would be okay if I wrote today’s post. Those of you who’ve been following Animal Shelter Volunteer Life for a while probably remember me for my nice long furs, floofy belly, and my fondness for watching TV. You might also recall I WAS one of the longest-tenured cats at the shelter, and that I HAD BEEN waiting for my forever home for more than two years. Hey, did you notice how I made that last sentence PAST tense? That's because I’VE BEEN ADOPTED, and am doing really well in my new forever home! (I hid under the bureau the first night, but decided pretty quickly that my new home is awesome. I love my new people, and even get along well with my new siblings (a dog and a cat))! :)

Oh, and guess what else? Lots of other PAWS kitties also found their forever homes since Tracey and Kevin's last adoption update! Check out this list of other recent PAWS graduates:

Beans, Beignet and Dumonde (together), Bubble and Squash (together), Bufo, Carmen, Cary, Cutie Pie and Faith, Duncan, Jade and Pearl (together), Kiet, Louie, Marbles, Oliver, Onyx and Topaz (together), Paula, Sammi, Sandy and Shirley (together), Soda and Farrow (together), Squeak, Vincent, and Zircon.

Well, I've gotta go now. Have a great weekend, everybuddy!

(Note from Tracey and Kevin: We love you, Bootz! Thank you for trusting us and your other friends at PAWS, and bringing so much joy to our lives. We’ll miss you -- and all the other graduates -- but are overjoyed that you’ve found your very own forever families.)

June 1, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Puck

Handsome Puck has great markings and a sweet and cuddly personality. He's about 11 months old, and available for adoption at PAWS. :)