October 27, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Way Back Wednesday

We thought we'd share some photos of our angel kitties. We love and miss you (from top) Bitsy, Graphite and Lady Madonna ... and look forward to the day when we see you all again.

October 22, 2010

FURever Home Friday

Great news, friends! We've recently had a nice run of adoptions, including those of Bijoux and Noelle (aka "Meow Meow," the kitty Kevin and I found in the woods)!

Now, those of you who've been following our blog for some time may be asking, "Wasn't Bijoux was adopted a while ago?" And you would be correct. Sadly, that particular adoption didn't work out, and we welcomed Bijoux back to PAWS. Since then, our adoption counselors worked hard to get her adopted to just the right home, and she recently went to live happily ever after with a very nice, young married couple who love Bijoux for the "gem" she is! :)

Other adoptions we're happy to share: Butch, Carmella, Claudia (one of our longtimers), Hobbs, Justin, Mia, Pecan, and brothers Ralph and Richie (together).

We thank you so much, kitties, for enriching our lives. We wish you long, happy, and healthy lives with the wonderful families who took you in.

We love you all!

Tracey & Kevin

October 16, 2010

National Feral Cat Day

MEOW! My name's Sammy, and I'm one of the furry children of the folks at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life. Since I used to live in a feral cat colony -- and today is National Feral Cat Day -- I asked my mom and dad if I could write today's blog post. National Feral Cat Day was started in 2001 by the people at Alley Cat Allies -- the national group that helps feral and stray cats, and experts about something called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). With TNR, kitties who live outdoors are humanely trapped and brought to a v-e-t to be checked out, spayed or neutered and given their shots (me-OUCH!). Kitties who are friendly (like ME!) are put up for adoption. Luckily for me, this meant an end to my days as a feral cat. Mom and dad adopted me from PAWS about four years ago, and I'm very happy living here with them, my brofur Moosey and my sisfur Maggie! :)

Truly feral kitties who've done all that v-e-t stuff are released back into the areas they came from, and nice humans feed them every day and take care of any who are sick or get hurt. And because they are spayed and neutered, the feral cats don't have to deal with stuff like mating and pregnancy, and no new kittens are born.

If you'd like to learn more about National Feral Cat Day, Alley Cat Allies, and/or how you can help feral cats, please click

Thanks for reading my post!

Sammy the Cat :)

October 12, 2010

Tuxedo Tuesday

The five beautiful tuxies pictured above are among the more than 100 cats currently living at PAWS. Noelle is sweet and playful. Bootz loves watching television. Libra, a kitten, is shy, but loves to play. Sasha and her cow cat brother Reeses are very friendly. Betsy loves being held and pet.

October 6, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Gizmo

Longtime PAWS resident Gizmo has been adopted! A friend to kitties and volunteers alike, this gentle giant orange tabby had been at the shelter for almost 1 1/2 years. Congratulations on your new forever home, buddy ... we love you!

October 2, 2010


Sammy, Maggie, Moosey (and Kevin and Tracey, too) join in love and support of all of those whose lives have been touched by cancer, and remember our friends and family members who have passed on. LIVESTRONG.

October 1, 2010

Forever Home Friday

Exciting news! After being at PAWS for more than a year, our buddy Tally has landed himself a PURRfect forever home. We'll miss this handsome and gentle cow cat with a penchant for chasing sun spots and laser lights, but we're over the moon that he finally has a home and a person to call his very own. ConCATulations, Tally. We love you! :)