February 28, 2011

Quick Maggie Update

We spoke with the vet's office this afternoon, only to learn that Maggie's biopsy results have still not come back from the lab. Hopefully we'll have some more answers tomorrow. In the meantime, our Maggie seems to be comfortable. She's eating (and thankfully, keeping it down), and generally being her normal, loving self.

Thank you all for your continued purrs, prayers and friendship, which are a source of great strength and encouragement. We appreciate you all, and promise to keep you posted as we learn more.

February 27, 2011

Sunday Six, PBU and Maggie Update

Some of the rooms at the shelter are "open" ones, wherein the cats share one common space. It's great to see them all living in harmony, and sometimes we're even lucky enough to catch a bunch of them in one picture (like this one of the gang in Room 8)! Note: if there were any birds at that window-mounted feeder, you can bet not all the kitties would be sleeping. :)

We also wanted to share that we've been selected to be the "Featured Blog of the Week" at Pet Blogs United (PBU), a really cool blog about, by and for pets and animals, and the people who love them. Please be sure to check them out. And while you're there, you can also read their post about us, especially if you ever wanted to know a little more about us and/or about PAWS, the animal shelter at which we volunteer.

And finally, a quick interim update on Maggie. Thank you all so very much for your friendship, love, purrs and prayers. They (and all of you!) mean so much to us. We are still waiting for the biopsy results, which should come back tomorrow. In the meantime, our Maggie is home and comfortable. She is on an anti-nausea medication, and is eating well and being her normal, sweet self. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, PLEASE keep those purrs and prayers coming...

February 24, 2011

Maggie Needs Purrs and Prayers

Please purr and pray for Maggie, one of the three kitties who own the people at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life (i.e. she is NOT a PAWS shelter cat).

After a visit to the V-E-T today (she has been throwing up lately, and last night/this morning was particularly bad), it was determined that our sweet and sassy girl has a tumor in her belly. Her doctors should have the biopsy results on Monday, at which time we'll know what our treatment options are. No matter what happens, we will make our decisions based on what is best for Maggie, and with concern for her comfort and quality of life.

We (Dad Kevin, Mom Tracey, and brofurs Sammy and Moosey) love Maggie so much, and are hoping, purring and praying for the best.

(As you can see, we've resurrected the wonderful badge KC and ML made for us the last time Maggie was sick...)

February 20, 2011

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! To celebrate, we're re-posting a short video of Garth and Valerie. These two cats met at PAWS, fell in love (don't just take our word for it ... check out the video), and were adopted together in January 2010. They are now living happily ever after in their forever home. :)

February 12, 2011

A Very Stylish Award :)

We won an award! Our friends at two blogs -- Gorogoro & Nikoniko and A Cat's Golden Years -- recently bestowed us with the "Stylish Blogger Award." Thank you Goro and Niko (and their Mom), and Miss Kitty and Dad Egmont! We are thankful for your friendship, and are honored to receive this award from you. :)

The rules for the award say we have to share 7 things. Since our blog is (mostly) about the cats of PAWS, we're going to be shelter-centric in our sharing. Oh, and just in case you're wondering ... all of the cats in things 1 through 6 are available for adoption! Here goes...

1. Bella loves to play with ball point pens
2. Petunia is a quintessential lap cat
3. Gardiner is one of the friendliest cats we know

4. Patch is a shy -- but very sweet -- mancat
5. Betsy loves being held by her best volunteer pals
6. Pepper is still looking for her forever home
7. PAWS is always looking for volunteers

Finally, we're supposed to pass the award on to seven friends.
We love ALL of our blogging pals, so choosing just seven was really difficult.
Here are our seven selections:

That's it for now. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend! :)

February 5, 2011

Happy News Update :)

We love sharing happy news! And it doesn't get much happier than a bunch of shelter cats finding -- and loving life in -- their forever homes. Also ranking pretty high on the happiness scale is hearing that other kitties are doing well in their foster homes. In any case, we hope the following "happy tails" help start your weekend with a smile...

First ... BFFs Angel and Roxy have been adopted together! :)

And the following kitties have also joined the ranks of PAWS graduates:

Betty and Veronica - together
Justin 2
Marlin and Marvin - together
Mom and GeeGee - together
Sammy (see follow-up story and picture below!)

Both Gadget and Augusta are flourishing in their respective foster homes. We'll provide details (and hopefully pictures) in an upcoming post.

Finally, PAWS received
a bunch of wonderful follow-up reports about some of our alumni. There were too many to include them all, but here are a couple we think you'll really enjoy:

Remember Sammy, the sweet, one-eyed wonder cat?

His new owner reports that Sammy is enjoying his new forever home:

“I was able to get some pictures of Sammy. I thought he would be easy to photograph, but he's always in motion! Busy as a bee! He seems to be settling in just fine so far. He does one thing that amazes me. He will sit about three feet from the bedroom door and "stare" at it. He seems to know there is a closed door there and wants to know what's on the other side. Meanwhile, Andy seems to have no clue there is another cat in the apartment. I'm sure that will change by tomorrow.”

And Grover the Cat wrote us to say, "I’m happy and healthy and doing great ... I’m so happy that I play all day like a kitten again!"

Here's Grover's Christmas card:

Yep, he definitely looks happy to us. :)

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend, everybody!