December 31, 2023

Ava's New Year Selfie / Year in Review


Happy MEW Year! With another year coming to a close, it’s a time for hoping and dreaming of good things to come. That will most certainly be the case for a whole bunch of (now former) PAWS kitties (well over 400 with one day of adoptions still remaining) who found their happily ever afters this year. Those of you who've been here before probably recognize some of the faces in this collage of just some of our friends who will be ringing in 2024 with their forever families!

Row 1: Barcode, Lorax, Gingerbread, Ingrid, Bonfire, Eric the Red, Picasso, Abby, Max, Pumpkin Spice | Row 2: Rafi, Stavros, Banana, Hornet, Monkey, Orlando, Queenie, Savannah, Belladonna, Marshmallow | Row 3: Willa, Donovan, Ladybird, Mustang, Maverick, Moonbeam, Princess, Colby, Havarti, Bentley | Row 4: Porsche, Pawley, Raya, Starlord, Eggplant, Magik, Paperclip, Scotch Tape, Remy, Spooky | Row 5: Finster, Gary, Bacall, Calliope, Dragonfly, Kip, Louie, Luna, Twizzy, Dela | Row 6: Luigi, Crowley, Dean, Snapdragon, Callie, Greta, Fiesty, Ouzo, Ginny, Georgia | Row 7: Mittens, Tarot, Thor, Aura, Cucumber, Hawke, Pinky, Tangerine, Violet, Brennan | Row 8: Mira, Tairn, Ladybug, Softee, Kailani, Spartan, Suzuki, Sweet Potato, Crystal, Fortune | Row 9: Bo Peep, Dara, Hamm, Hayley, Jeff, Jesse, Jolene, William, Watermelon, Farrah | Row 10: Donovan, Rhiannon, Finnley, Seamus, Blueberry, Cappy, Lulu, Winnie, Rusty, Dutton

And what would a year-in-review be without us sharing a few happy tails from some 2023 graduates?


Jolene (now known as Gracie) went home (by train from CT to NYC) because not only was her person very sad after one of her cats passed on, but so was her other cat, Carson. Carson loves his person, but she concluded that there is no substitute for fish breath and a warm furry coat, so she brought Gracie home to help fill the void. At first, Gracie lived under the bed and Carson watched her from the doorway. He gradually moved closer and closer and eventually Gracie came out and about. She began wrapping her tail around him, rubbing up against him and touching noses. Carson returned her affection and soon began settling in to sleep next to her. Now they chase each other, play with toys and just like being together. Gracie’s spot under the bed has been abandoned and her sweet being and presence is moving them forward as a new family.

Known as Snacks now, Watermelon has been home for three months and getting sweeter and sweeter every day. He talks to his person throughout the day with tiny beeps, chirps, and trills, loves his toys and seems very content. He likes to sleep under the covers and enjoys snuggling into his person whether she’s resting in bed or on the couch. He is fascinated watching his person work, follows the pointer on her screen and flops onto her laptop at least once a day! He also loves watching nature shows and will stare at the otters, penguins, and herds of buffalo for hours! He’s the best little boy and will continue to be spoiled forever.


Goldie (now know as Acie) is a very affectionate little girl. All she wants is a smushy lap or a shoulder on which to cuddle. Playtime is good, but cuddling is paramount! Acie is such a darling that her main man doesn’t want to go to work. He just wants to rub her tummy! And when they went on a vacation last month, they thought about Acie longingly several times a day! She’s their love and they are eternally grateful for the care she got at PAWS!

Twizzy’s new family has a Seinfeld theme going in their house, so they renamed her to Marble, as in marble rye! Her new big brother Newman likes having her around. Marble likes being as high up as possible, but also comes down to be a love! Marble is great with visitors to the house and has helped bring Newman out of his shell. She’s getting accustomed to the family routines and Newman has shown her the ropes. In return, she has taught Newman about those high places he never thought about before! The family says that Marble is the fastest cat they have ever known and a great little cat!

Hei-Hei and Khleo have settled in nicely, but they’re still fresh with the dog and get into trouble (especially Hei-Hei). Khleo loves to sleep between his people and nudge them for affection. They’re very bonded, do everything together and butt heads to greet each other. They love to wrestle and their people take bets on who will win! They are loved so much!

Congratulations to all of the graduates and their forever families! We wish all of them, and all of YOU, a new year (and many, many more to come) filled with happiness, good health, and love.


December 26, 2023

(Almost) Wordless Frank Sinatra

Just to set the record straight, today's  post isn't about "Ol' Blue Eyes." While our adoptable pal Frank Sinatra was almost certainly named after the crooner of the same name (and eye color), at just two years old, maybe his nickname should be "Young Blue Eyes."

When this super friendly dude showed up in a community cat colony, it quickly became evident that he was not feral. In fact, he was so people-focused that it was clear he had previously been someone's pet. Now, Frank Sinatra is at PAWS, where he's waiting to be the superstar of some lucky family's home. Frank likes hanging out with his human buddies and gets along with other nice cats. He's neutered, current on his vaccinations, and ready to be discovered. Come meet him today, and fall in love!

December 24, 2023

Merrry Christmas!


With love and good tidings for all beings everywhere.

Ava, Mom Tracey, and Dad Kevin (meowmeowmans)

December 23, 2023

Jase's Selfie

Our buddy Jase is such a sweet and gentle boy. As you can see from his selfies, he's also quite handsome. He has such sweet eyes, doesn't he?

Jase, who is about 4 years old, was adopted from PAWS as a kitten. Sadly, he recently came back because his human had to go into an assisted living situation that does not allow pets. We know it must be so difficult for them both. Jase is trying to figure things out, but it's clear he was very loved -- his personality and behavior make that abundantly clear; he loves people and seems to get along with other nice kitties. Jase is neutered, current on his vaccinations, and negative for FIV and FeLV. He so deserves a new forever family. Could it be yours?

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December 19, 2023

(Almost) Wordless Lorax

Check out our adoptable little buddy Lorax. Isn't he cute? Wanna know something else? Lorax also happens to be gentle, sweet, and snuggly!

Lorax is about six months old, and is one of those kitties who gets along with everyone. He can be a little cautious with new people, but he warms up quickly! He loves people of all ages, and even gets along with nice cats and dogs. Lorax is neutered, current on his vaccinations, and ready to be your new best friend. Come meet him today!

December 16, 2023

Annabelle's Selfies

We're not exactly sure why our little pal Annabelle is still waiting to find her happily ever after. Just LOOK at her! Is she adorable, or what?

Six month old Annabelle is fun, confident, and friendly. She gets along with other cats, loves people, and is super playful. She's truly one of those kitties who makes us smile every time we see her! Annabelle is spayed, current on her vaccinations, and negative for FIV and FeLV. She will be a great addition to almost any family. Come to PAWS and meet your new best friend Annabelle today!

We're participating today in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by our wonderful friends at The Cat on My Head. Be sure to check out who's hopping along and/or join in on the fun!

December 13, 2023

(Almost) Wordless Shelly

If you're thinking our beautiful pal Shelly looks like a kitten, it's because she kind of is still is. She's only about 9 months old. The crazy thing is that she has came to PAWS as a mama of 4 young kittens!

Now that she's spayed and current on her vaccinations, and her kittens have been adopted, Shelly is ready to find a home of her own where she can enjoy being the baby. She's super playful (and fast as all get out) and sweet, and enjoys hanging out with her human pals at the shelter. She is not a fan of other cats, though, so she would do best as your one and only. That's not necessarily a bad thing, right? We're pretty sure it spells more love for Shelly and whoever is lucky enough to adopt her! Shelly is all ready to find her new best friend. Could it be you?

December 10, 2023

Gingerbread Selfies

Look who's here today. It's our gentle and friendly pal Gingerbread! And we'll just say we think this Gingerbread man(cat) is way more awesome (and handsome!) than the cookie one in that children's story.

This amazing kitty was left behind by his family when they moved. As if that was not bad enough in and of itself, Gingerbread is front paw declawed, so leaving him outside to fend for himself was straight up unconscionable. Luckily for him, a kind neighbor took him in and got him to safety, and now he's waiting for his real forever home at PAWS. Gingerbread is calm and affectionate with people, but would definitely do best as an only pet. He's neutered, current on his vaccinations, and negative for FIV. Don't you agree that it's the purrfect season for some Gingerbread in your life?

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December 6, 2023

(Almost) Wordless Smokey

As you can see from his photo, our awesome and adoptable pal Smokey has what some refer to as "movie star good looks."

We can tell you that this handsome mancat also happens to be friendly, outgoing, and pretty much purrfect. Smokey just showed up at a nice man's house one day and never left. The man was not able to keep him, and after a concerted but unsuccessful effort to locate Smokey's owner, brought him to PAWS. Two year-old Smokey loves people and gets along with other nice cats. He also likes to play, so he would do best in an active home with lots of playtime. Smokey is neutered, current on his vaccinations, and negative for FIV and FeLV. He's ready to find his forever home in time for the holidays. Come meet Smokey today, and fall in love!

December 3, 2023

Little Cats' Selfie Fest

We were hanging out in the PAWS lobby showcase room this weekend, and had not one, two, or even three volunteers for this week's selfies. It's true! FOUR little kitties stepped up to take "please adopt me" selfies!


How wonderful it would be if all of these cuties find their forever homes in time for the holidays. To learn more about Indigo, Newman, Potato, and George (and the other amazing cats waiting to be adopted), check out PAWS' adoptable cat gallery here.

We're participating today in the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, hosted by our wonderful friends at The Cat on My Head. Be sure to check out who's hopping along and/or join in on the fun!