March 22, 2009

Sophia and Squeak

Sophia -- a beautiful and formerly stray cat -- is polydactyl, which means she has lots more toes than a regular kitty.  She looks like she's wearing big, fluffy mittens on her front feet!  Sophia is approximately 7 years old, and has a really sweet temperament.  Sadly, she's getting a little too accustomed to her cage at PAWS.  This gentle girl needs a home where she'll have a little extra room to move around AND lots of love!

Squeak is a unique-looking black and white kitty, who had been wandering the streets for quite a while until a kind man took her in.  Sadly, though, he was unable to keep her and brought her to PAWS.  He was devastated to have to give Squeak up, and after getting to know her, we can certainly understand why.  She an absolute sweetie who loves being pet and having her chin scratched gently.  Her rescuer told us that she loved to curl up on the couch and look out the window to watch the birdies fly by.  She's approximately two years old and has a very distinctive meow.  As you can guess from her name ... her meow sounds just like a squeak!

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