March 8, 2009

Cherry and Clover

Although there are so many wonderfully sweet kitties at PAWS, tonight I'm going to highlight two lovely little girls - Cherry and Clover.

Cherry (top two photos) started her history at PAWS being found on the doorstep in a cardboard box one cold, rainy morning. This adorable Torbi likes to play with string toys, seems to get along with most of the kitties in her room, is very easygoing, sweet, and loves the company of people. Whenever Kevin and I walk into the playroom where she resides, we're almost always guaranteed to see her chilling out on the futon, kitty condo, or just about anywhere. She's the consummate lounger!

Clover (bottom photo) is one of the cutest kitties I've ever seen at PAWS because of her timid but very sweet nature and unique markings. Kevin and I have made tremendous strides with her. She was more of a cage dependent cat until we (along with other volunteers) dedicated more petting time and gentle words. She now comes out of her cage and sits on our laps. She's a really special girl who is going to make someone very happy.

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