March 15, 2009

Annie and Kessa

There were a couple of things I was shocked to learn about Annie: 1) That she was an approximately 12-year old domesticated "stray" who was found outside in the elements and 2) That despite her age, she still plays like a kitten (from her little bed, of course)! She loves wand and string toys, and a good stuffed mouse. Annie is super sweet, loves to be pet, has a great appetite, and couldn't be bothered by the other kitties ... she's content to just do her own thing.

My husband and I nicknamed Kessa "Teefa," because she has the cutest little fangs. Found outside in a feral cat colony by one of PAWS' dedicated volunteers, Kessa really stood out. And she continues to do so ... she's got lots of personality, loves a good lap, and enjoys hanging out high in the cat tree in her room at PAWS. Kessa's a talker, and she isn't shy about voicing her opinion when it's time for us to put her back into her cage at the end of day. This girl likes her out time and we have to say that we can't blame her!

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