January 4, 2009

A Great Weekend...

How great it was to come back to the shelter after taking time off to entertain relatives from out of town during the Holidays. Upon returning, my husband Kevin and I discovered that there were many really good adoptions, including:

Mia - a super sweet and adorable attention hog who loved to be held and often drooled from excitement by the attention she received. Her "call for loving" and playful nature will happily be missed.

Kyle - a sweet and gentle big boy who came into the shelter with his "kids". He was a great dad who entered the shelter shy and scared, and walked out a more confident and happy cat.

Even with the many recent adoptions, there's always a strong desire to adopt out as many as we can - safely.

Today, Kevin and I particularly enjoyed hanging out with Dexter, Bijoux and Misty.

Dexter (top left photo) is such a gentle soul who loves a good lap. When you're petting him, the tip of his little pink tongue sticks out of his mouth. He gets along with any of the cats we put in his room and he loves "Cat TV", particularly the Cardinals and Squirrels...(:

Bijoux (top right photo), an adorable torti, is a vibrant little lady who rolls around when she has company and twitches her tail when she wants to be pet. When I sit straight-legged on the floor, her little body jumps over my legs again and again and again. Also a huge fan of "Cat TV", her favorite segment is the one where the gerbils are running around...(:

Lastly, Misty (bottom photo) is an easygoing tuxedo cat who loves people as well as a feathery snakelike toy. Her favorite piece of furniture in the playroom is a huge foam filled "bean bag" looking chair. Walk by her room and you're almost guaranteed to see her there. She gets along with just about every cat in her room and only hisses when needed.

Okay, this entry is pretty long so I'm cutting out for now...(:

More to come...

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