December 19, 2008

And so I begin...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I created this blog to share with you my experiences as a no-kill shelter volunteer.

In the 5+ years that I've volunteered at PAWS I'm amazed at the many wonderful animals that have walked through its doors. From Monday's (above left) uncanny ability to sense from where a sponge-ball is approaching her, and respond effortlessly...I swear she had eyes in the back of her head! To Lady's (above right) gentle and loving nature...She would just climb up on my chest as I was sitting on the couch in her room and lay there, purring endlessly. Had I not had the need to visit other kitties, I would've been perfectly happy spending my entire time at the shelter with her.

I think of these kitties and so many more, and cringe at the thought of the millions of kitties (many with personalities like theirs I'm sure) and dogs that have to be euthanized every year due to shelter overcrowding. What's the solution? While I'm not sure if there's just one, I think it all starts with spaying and neutering.

More to come...


  1. There are many stories to share about the wonderful animals at the shelter and the dedicated, compassionate humans that care for them while they await their forever homes. I'm looking forward to adding a few too!

  2. I've been volunteering at PAWS for more than a decade, and I have to say ... it never, ever gets old. The lessons and rewards that come from working with these incredible animals -- and their compassionate human friends -- are exponentially greater than the time I've given. Each dog and cat at PAWS has a wonderfully unique tale, and I'm looking forward to seeing those stories unfold on this blog!

  3. a MOST happee 1000 guyz N heerz two de nezt 1000; think oh all de catz ewe haz helped a long de way; N ewe will see thiz blog iz werth it 1000 timez a bazillion timez a trazillionz mor ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥ conga ratz two ewe N all de kittehz that haz finded ther for everz ♥♥♥♥♥