January 17, 2009

Another great night...

Got to the shelter tonight and found a couple of kitties re-located to other rooms, to accommodate a bunch of new arrivals.

King (1st pic), a beautiful and really easygoing black and long-haired kitty is now in the staff kitchen. He and his roommate, Murphy seemed to be getting along well in there. When he lays on the ground his back legs spread out like a frog. And he likes to lay on the couch with us and get brushed (good thing because of his gorgeous fur)!

Snowball (2nd pic), who used to room with King, is an adorable all-white, short-haired cat who is very mellow. Small in size, she prefers to hang out in the cat tree where she feels most comfortable. She's gentle and likes to be hand-fed. And she has a cute, little round face (see picture). It's amazing to think that Snowball was a stray for 8 years before she came to PAWS!

Abigail (last pic), a very gentle lapcat, is such a sweetheart! As soon as we let this beautiful girl out of her cage, she hops right up on my lap and wants loving! Kevin and I aren't sure what kind of cat she is but she's gorgeous and super soft! She would be perfect in a quiet home where her owner was around often.

Kevin and I are looking forward to volunteering tomorrow night...It's amazing how much we get from it.

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