January 18, 2009

Sunday Was a Fun Day...

Kev and I just got back to the shelter and thought we share our notes and photos on 3 kitties at PAWS:

Prince and Truffle: These kitties came to the shelter together and are hanging out in one of the PAWS offices. Having been put on diet food, they're slimming down quite nicely.

PAWS is doing its part to maintain healthy weights for its animals and that makes me very happy as I can't stress the importance of keeping the weight of pets in control. Heavy pets are predisposed to diabetes and it can be a very difficult disease to manage.

Prince (top left photo) is a handsome gray tabby who is a little shy but really nice and he's regularly building up his confidence. He likes a good 'back of the neck' scratching, will rub his head against your hands and comes to you when you call him. And he loves a nice quiet spot!

Truffle (top right photo), on the other hand, is a very confident and spunky little girl. She runs up to greet you when you come into the room and is very curious as to what you may be doing while in the room with both her and Prince.

Murphy (bottom photo) is such a regal looking cat who has long black fur, brown eyes and a mane like a lion. He likes to chill (especially in the sun) and enjoys a snack of food kibbles given to him by hand.

That's it for now...Ciao!

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