June 22, 2009

Oh Snap! It's Ginger and Tump!

When Ginger and her buddy Tump first came to PAWS, it broke our hearts to learn that they ended up with us because their owner passed away.

I would imagine that going from a home where they were well-loved and free to wander around to being confined in cages (nice cages, mind you, but cages nonetheless) would be a traumatic experience for these kitties. Surprisingly, though, both Tump (the handsome grey fellow) and Ginger (the gal "done up" in orange) have handled the transition with great aplomb.

Both are extremely calm and affectionate, and seem to get along well with other kitties. And both seem bent on proving people who believe that all cats are aloof are just plain wrong. Aloof? Ha! Both Tump and Ginger come when you call them, and neither has ever met a lap they didn't like.

As much as they love bonding with us volunteers, Tump and Ginger don't seem too dependent upon each other, so they don't have to be adopted as a pair.

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