June 27, 2009

Gizmo is a Sweet Boy

This sweet and gentle boy is the quintessential picture of serenity in a room he shares with a bunch of younger, more exuberant cats.

When Gizmo was first introduced to this room, he seemed a bit overwhelmed by his unfamiliar roommates and his new surroundings. During those first few weeks, he could always be found sleeping under the cat tree in the corner with his back to the wall. I'm guessing this was to make sure that the other cats -- and people -- couldn't sneak up behind him. During Gizmo's "wallflower" stage, Tracey and I had to lay on the floor and weave our arms through the bottom levels of the cat tree just to pet him. While he loved the attention, it wasn't enough to get him to move from the security of "his" corner.

You can imagine our delight in recent weeks when he began venturing from his safe spot. He now walks through -- and sometimes sits in -- the middle of the room! As you can see from these pictures, he's gaining in confidence with each passing day. Throughout this transformation, Gizmo's sweet nature has remained constant. I believe with all of my heart that he'll continue to grow, especially once he has the consistency that comes with having his own people to love and his own "forever" home.

To see another, more candid photo of Gizmo, click here.

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