June 14, 2009

Houdini Update!

Houdini's progress continues to astound us! Yesterday, he greeted me at the door to his room, weaving in and out between my ankles. As I reached down to pet him, he "popped a wheelie" to rub his face on my hand. Then he accompanied me around the room as I checked on the other kitties, filled food and water dishes and cleaned the litter boxes ... it was like he was my little helper. :)

It took Houdini less than 24 hours to unveil his next trick.

I sat down in a chair in the room today, and was delighted when the little guy jumped onto my lap for a session of petting. I guess we shouldn't be surprised anymore by anything Houdini does. In any case, it's extremely fun and rewarding to watch him grow each week.

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