June 20, 2009

Minnie...A Girl Who Needs A Gentle Soul

Every once in a while a cat will come to PAWS that seems to fade into the background amongst the many kitties that reside there. I feel that Minnie is one of those cats. When I approach her cage, I see her sitting in the cat bed, somewhat melancholy. But she's quick to come to the front of the cage when you stand in front of her and say some words in a relaxed tone. Her demeanor is one of a shy cat that has difficulty trusting people. Could it be that because she was de-clawed she lost the ability to trust unconditionally? What Kevin and I have learned is that if we approach her in a slow and quiet way, she responds very well. Minnie needs a gentle and patient soul to give her a quiet home, and in that type of environment, I'm 100% sure she will flourish.

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