May 10, 2009

Welcome to PAWS Pepper, Sparky and Grover!

In just a couple of weekends Kevin and I have fallen in love with these adorable new arrivals:

PEPPER: This lovely gray and white girl came to PAWS because her owner would no longer care for her. She is about 15 years old and super sweet. While she seems a little cage dependent, she looks forward to spending some special time with us volunteers by welcoming the pets and the strokes from a brush.

SPARKY & GROVER: Sparky (orange and white kitty), 7 years old, and Grover (white w/tabby markings), 10, came to PAWS because their owner went into a nursing home. Situations like these really tug at our heartstrings and we wish there were more nursing home facilities that accepted residents' pets. Sparky and Grover were obviously loved as they are very sweet.

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