May 30, 2009

Sweet Reggie is a True Gentleman

We absolutely adore Reggie.  This handsome, calm and good-natured fellow -- who lives in one of the shelter's "open" rooms (i.e. no cages) with a bunch of other kitties -- enjoys the company of people and felines alike.  He's also the room's self-appointed greeter: whenever we come through the door, Reggie is always right there to welcome us!  Don't get me wrong, though ... he's not an attention-hog by any means.  He's quite content to relax in a sun spot or gaze out the window while his roommates get some "people time."  It's almost as if Reggie understands that Tracey and I will eventually give each and every cat in the room some attention, and all he's got to do is wait.  This sweet, calm and patient nature just makes us love him even more! 

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