May 3, 2009

Little Stevie...In Memoriam

Recently, we received a very sad email from the Shelter Director about the passing of a very special cat named Stevie. I'd like to share with you the content of the email as it truly expresses the love and dedication that the organization and its volunteers has to every animal that comes through the doors:

I'm writing with a heavy heart to share with you news of the passing of our beloved Stevie Girl.

Stevie went over the
Rainbow Bridge this morning.

For those of you who don't know her story, Stevie Girl was discovered in a carrier in a local cemetery, on a scorching summer day last year. She was in distress, had very little hair on her body, and was declared blind by the veterinarians who attended to her over at the VREC. When she was well enough to come to
PAWS, it seemed that Stevie miraculously regained her eyesight, and as her health improved, we quickly discovered what a loving, feisty, precious girl she was.

A few months ago, we received news that Stevie was in renal failure, but she took her daily fluids
and meds like a trooper, and didn't appear to slow down one bit. Of course, this only represents a tiny portion of her life. But that's the story of how Stevie Girl came into our lives.

We were discussing, after Stevie's death this morning, how she reminded us of
Grizabella, the scruffy old lady cat from the musical, Cats. I'd like to think that, unlike Grizabella, the last few months of Stevie's life were filled with the comfort of knowing that she was loved and adored and that here, with us, she was "home."

On the morning of Stevie's journey over the Rainbow Bridge, Grizabella's words do seem fitting:
"Touch me, it's so easy to leave me all alone with the memory, of my days in the sun.If you touch me you'll understand what happiness is. Look, a new day, has begun.."

We'll never forget the touch of her fur or the look in her eyes or the sound of her meow. And most of all, her amazing spirit.

Thank you to all of you who knew this amazing girl, and showed her love and kindness.

We will miss you, Stevie, and await the day when we will all be reunited - over Rainbow Bridge.

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