October 6, 2009

Some New Happy Tails!

It's been a while since we last did an adoption update, and we're happy to report some fantastic news about some of the kitties who have been covered here on our blog. :)

Joining the ranks of those who've found their forever homes (and people of their very own!) are:

- Raisin and Reggie (together)
- Cherry (pictured below)

When Cherry's new mommy came to take her home, she told the PAWS adoption counselor a really neat story. Here it is:

The woman explained that she came to PAWS in search of a cat to replace her kitty who had passed away earlier this year. When she met Cherry, she absolutely fell in love with this sweet girl. The woman's adoption application was still being processed, and as such, she couldn't take Cherry home that day. But she resolved to call the shelter in a few days to find out if she had been approved. Over the next few days ... try as she might ... the woman just couldn’t get Cherry out of her mind. And then, while eating at a Chinese restaurant, she was surprised to read her fortune, which said: “He who seeks shall find.” You can imagine her amazement when the flip side of the fortune was a "Chinese word to learn" that translated into ... “CHERRY!" Was it destiny? Perhaps. Is it a truly happy ending?" Definitely!

Cherry's new mommy called PAWS about an hour after taking her home to share that Cherry was purring away in her lap. She said they both couldn’t be happier. :)

We love all of you, feline friends. Be well in your forever homes!


The Monkeys said...

Such wonderful news! The Cherry story was definitely meant to be and we're so happy that Cherry found a great home!

Karen Jo said...

I am so happy for the kitties who found forever homes. The story about Cherry is really wonderful.

Anya said...

Wonderful news,
your work is amazing :)))))
Great job !!

The Whiskeratti said...

Yeaaaa for all the kittehs who found homes.

PAWSVolunteer said...

That story gives me chills!

The Island Cats said...

We love happy endings!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news that all those you wrote about got adopted. We liked Cherry's story! Mom's name is Cheri and we have a tortie - Chica.