October 21, 2009

Hooray for Minnie!

Kevin and I are ecstatic about some wonderful breakthroughs that Minnie is now making!

I mentioned in my previous blog entry that this demure little kitty is a bit on the timid side. And even though she's still somewhat shy, she has recently taken a liking to coming out of her cage. Once Minnie's out, she revels in the attention lavished upon her by the volunteers. She loves being pet, and really enjoys it when Kevin and I sit on the floor with her. It's quite clear that she'd do really well in a quiet home, with people who understand her gentle nature.

These remarkable changes in Minnie can be directly attributed to the consistent attention she receives from some volunteers who chose to work with kitties who need some extra special tender loving care. We can't wait until we see those folks at the shelter, so that we can give them a great big "thanks!” from Minnie (and us, too!).


  1. We're so happy for Minnie!! And big paws-up to the shelter workers that have spent extra time with her!

  2. A big cheer to the volunteers who are working with sweet Minnie!

  3. Wow- Photographic proof that she does come out of her cage... Yea- good work! I've noticed that she does love a little gentle brushing too. Maggie