April 25, 2009

Update on Bootz and Houdini...

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on two kitties previously mentioned in my blog - Bootz and Houdini:

Kevin and I visited the room of Bootz and Houdini today and were delighted to see they are making further strides in getting acclimated to shelter life. Kevin sat on the couch and Bootz hopped up next to him and laid down to be petted and scratched under his chin! Talk about a huge breakthrough ... Bootz is learning to trust the volunteers enough put himself out there in a vulnerable way. You go, Bootz!

And through the window of the room, we've observed Houdini lounging on various pieces of furniture. This is a big step for this little guy. When he first came to PAWS, Houdini wouldn't come out from behind the cat condo in his room. Then, one day he mustered up the courage to sniff some dry cat food in Kevin's hand. His next breakthrough was to reach out from behind the cat condo to touch my hand with his paw. And NOW he is coming out *even when people are present* and laying down in the center of the room. Way to go, Houdini!

In no time, both of you will be placed into very loving homes...(:

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