April 12, 2009

Bootz and Houdini

These two boys (Bootz is the black and white kitty, and Houdini is the handsome boy bedecked in orange and white) are perfect examples of cats who find the shelter to be a scary place ... at first. We're happy to report that both of these guys are making big strides and gaining courage with each passing day. It's said that "slow but steady sometimes wins the race," and despite being in a room with lots of other cats and many people coming in and out, these guys are really starting to come out of their shells. It's a testimony to the dedication of the volunteers who work with these shy cats day in and day out. It's amazing how many cats blossom with patient, gentle love and attention. In our years volunteering at PAWS, we've seen many cats who came in utterly afraid metamorphose into loving kitties whose stories have the happiest of endings -- adoptions and homes to call their very own.

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