February 25, 2012

We've been tagged!

We’ve been tagged by two fellow pet bloggers, Jan’s Funny Farm and One Pibble’s Wish. And our very own Sammy and Moosey (who were both adopted from PAWS) have volunteered to answer the questions that have been posed. Take it away, boys!

1. Describe yourself in seven words
Sammy: Handsome, hungry, loud, snuggly, lucky, funny, easygoing

Moosey: Fast, cuddly, playful, lucky, cute, sensitive, smart

2. What keeps you up at night?
Moosey: My automatic feeder (and Sammy’s, too)

Sammy: Moosey’s automatic feeder (oh, and mine, too)

3. Who would you like to be?
Moosey: A fish. Or a water quality engineer. I love water!

Sammy: A honey badger.

4. What are you wearing now?
Sammy: My thick, luxurious furs, and my purple collar

Moosey: Hey! Me, too! Except my collar is blue.

5. What scares you?
Sammy: Not much of anything. But please don’t sneak up on me, since I can’t hear too well.

Moosey: The doorbell is very SKERRY!

6. The best and worst of blogging?
The best: Meeting so many wonderful animal and people friends around the world

The worst: The new double word verification thing in Blogger

7. What was the last website you visited?
Both: The Cat Blogosphere!

8. What is the one thing you would change about yourself?
Both: Nothing, because Mommy and Daddy tell us we’re perfect just the way we are.

9. Slankets. Yes or no?
Both (and Mommy and Daddy, too): What the heck is a “slanket?”

10. Tell us something about the dogs, cats and/or people who tagged you.

We love the whole gang at Jan’s Funny Farm. Merci, Sam, Buddy, Percy, Cotton, Rusty, Cyndi, Cameron and Jan were some of our very first blogging friends ever. Their blog is a great mix of humor, advocacy and new information. If you haven’t ever visited them, you should!

One Pibble’s Wish is a terrific blog written by our pit bull pal Charlie and her mom Cindy, who happens to be a fellow volunteer at PAWS, the no-kill shelter where our mom and dad volunteer (and where we were adopted from). Cindy and Charlie (and all her woofie siblings) are wonderful ambassadors for the wonderful and often misunderstood pit bull breed.

11. Choose eight bloggers to tag next.

Twinkletoe Tails
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Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats


Sparkle said...

I'm so glad you two got tagged - it was fun reading your answers!

haopee said...

LOL, Thanks for tagging me. I will work on adding your names on my old post and add something on my new posts.

Amazing how Moosey loves the water... I want an automatic feeder, too. I wonder why we don't have those sold in our city.

And just so you know,you both look so fluffy!!!

Huggies and Cheese,


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

What is a slanket?

We love LUNA said...

Dear friends Sammy and Moosey,
This post is really nice, I love reading about you both!
Luna - We love Luna

Hannah and Lucy said...

We enjoyed reading all these things about you - it's always nice to know more about our furrends.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

pibble said...

Sammy, you want to be a honey badger? Verrry interesting... But we love you the way you are!

Tamago said...

It was a lot of fun reading your answers! My Goro is like Sammy and don't have much to be scared, and Niko is like Moosey and so scared of doorbell!
I was not sure about slanket either, but when I googled I found a blanket with sleeves like snuggie.

You are both really perfect just the way you are. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Deb Barnes / Zee and Zoey said...

That was enjoyable and you are right, you both are PURR-FECT! And we agree about the double word verification thing... HATE IT!!!!

marg said...

Oh Moosey, we are so glad to hear more about you and you too Sammy. Those were some awesome answers. We enjoyed that a lot. Hope all of you have a great day.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

YAY!!! Someone else that wonders what "slankets" are!!! We said exactly the same thing I think! lol.
Thanks so much for tagging us but we did this one approx a month ago...(it is in our archives!)
We deeply appreciate you tagging us and you KNOW we think the world of you!!!!!
Much love!
Caren & Cody

Unknown said...

What great answers! Mes loves reading more about the other cats!

Katnip Lounge said...

What fun! We always enjoy learning things about our friends. We, um, "dislike" the doorbell, too.

Avalon's Garden and Mewsings of Garden Cottage Cats said...

Mieow All you guyz ! ^..^ Thoze were furry interesting answerz. Fankz fur Tagging us ^..^!!,, we will post az soon az da mom stopz slacking off.....hey , iz dat da same az slanketz????? ^..^
Moosey are thoze Lovely Blue Eyez you have ???,,,da mom thinkz you are bootiful :) And Sammy looks like a big ol cuddel bug!!!! da mom thinkz you haz kissie lipps..... she sending kissez to you boaf xoxoxoxo

Headbonkz ~ ^..^ x6 +1 xoxox ♥♥♥

Julia Williams said...

It was fun getting to know more about you too kitteh characters! But what the heck IS a slanket??

Julia Williams said...

And by *too I obviously meant two. GAH!

Rumpydog said...

Way cool you guys!

Brian said...

I sure enjoyed your answers! I agree Moosey, I don't like that doorbell either!

The Island Cats said...

We loved reading your answers! Thanks for tagging us! We got tagged by somebuddy else too...but we haven't played yet! We will for sure now!!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Great answers, Moosey & Sammy, especially the part about the new word verification. Grrrrrrr!

Jan said we're never going to have an automatic feeder since yours keeps you both up at night.

Beth said...

They are just beautiful! Such sweethearts. You are very blessed to have them, and they in turn are blessed to have you!
Have a great wknd!

Anonymous said...

how fun to learns so much about you boys!

Melvin Maluchi said...

How funny. We have a "Moosey", too, but her real name is just Moose. Pretty much because she's still a baby and already as big as one!
What kind of auto feeder do you have? I would love to have one of my own, but Moose would just butt me out of the way like she always does. :(

PS: We added you to our blog roll so we can make sure to keep reading your blog. I'm not new to CB, but my blog is, so I hope to make a lot of new friends and get back in touch with the old ones! Plus, my mommy is going to write all about those other animals people like to keep around. It keeps her from getting bored, I guess. (This second PS is a copied message to all of the people I added, but I really did read your post! I'm just typing on an iPad, so the less work the better!). Hope to see you around!

caspersmom said...

Hi Moosey, I would love to transport over and play with you. It would be fun. Maybe Casper and Sammy could nap together and you and I can play. Really enjoyed reading your and Sammy's tagging information. Sure hope Swizzle will find a forever home soon, she sure is a pretty kitty.


Gigi said...

Oh! Youse boys is soooooo 'dorable! The King is honored you tagged him, but says he answered them last week (16th). He is slightly disturbed that you have not kept up, but because of your stellar recommendations from all the other kittehs, the King has decided to be merciful and spare your life--this time.

He does command you to go read his answers, though.

Cindy Adkins said...

This very interesting post! Mom Cindy says you two are such handsome guys! We think she wants to kiss you!
Buster, Rudy and Sam

Gattina said...

Now I know everything about you !
I also like my cats as they are !

Katie Isabella said...

I love this tag..the answers to the questions are so much fun. xoxox

Old Kitty said...

Yay for such a fun tag!! Awwww lovely to know more about you gorgeous Sammy and Moosey! Yay! take care

Oui Oui said...

We love hearing more about all of you! Thanks so much for tagging us! We are honored. Sorry it took us so long to respond, our grannie's in the hospital so our mom has been spending a lot of time there. We've been a little sporadic blogging because of it, but we're on our answers now! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Purrs & head bumps,
The TTT Gang

Marilia said...

Awesome answers!

Daisy said...

Moosey, I think the doorbell is skerry, too!

GRAÇA said...

I leave just a ronronzinho's friend
Kika ♥ ♥ ♥

Unknown said...

Nice to hear some interesting new facts about you both. Kizzie is also scared of the doorbell too.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Sammy and Moosey it was very fun to read all your answers !

Maggie @ Shelter Cats said...

Good answers!
Two more questions:
How do you feel about vacuum cleaners?
Did you find out what a slanket is?
We might be afraid of it...

Gigi said...

Hi meowmeowmeowman! We is dropping by to say we hope U is having the Easy Sunday!

Cat said...

Hello friends, I just wanted to pop by and thank you for your blogoversary wishes :-) Gosh I hate that new word verification too!!!

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Hi efurryone!!!!
Yes, I have been wondering too, what a slanket?

Maggie May said...

Hi friends! Just wanted to pop in and say hello!!
Maggie May and The Creek Cats

Hilary said...

I agree you guys are perfect!!! And I feel the same way about the new google word verification. I was just trying to leave a commnent on my tablet, and I had to click away..I just couldn't get it right!

Sharon Wagner said...

The bathroom fan is my cat Hana's terrible terribles. Fun post!

the teacher's pets said...

You two are purrfect just the way you are! I could tell you were REALLY getting interviewed because your responses are things I know for certain that cats would say...thanks!

Jacqueline said...

We enjoyed reading about you handsome boys!!...Happy week ahead, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

LP said...

Sammy and Moosey you two are both so adorable! And you are very good at answering questions too.We enjoyed learning more about you :)

the critters in The Cottage xo

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! A great way to get to know everyone better :o)

White Dog Blog said...

Great answers, boys! We love learning more about you both!