March 5, 2011

Goodbye for now, Sweet Maggie

Thank you all for your love, support, purrs and prayers, which have meant so much to us.

After this week's cancer diagnosis, two very rough nights, and episodes that were becoming all-too-common, we made the agonizing decision to have our beautiful Maggie gently helped to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. We knew it was time -- and the look in Maggie's eyes told us she was exhausted and tired from her constant and ongoing battle. Tracey and I were with her as she passed into eternal slumber.

Maggie's absence in our house is palpable, and we are all absolutely devastated. Although we adopted our girl just a year and a half ago, we loved her so much that we can hardly remember a time when she was not here with us.

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here,
that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.
There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. Her bright eyes are intent; Her eager body quivers. Suddenly she begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, her legs carrying her faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together...

Fly free, angel Maggie. We miss and love you, sweet girl, and look forward to seeing you when we get to the Bridge.

Hugs, kisses and snuggles,

Dad Kevin, Mom Tracey, and brofurs Sammy and Moosey


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

I am so, so sorry for your loss. I know that Inigo will welcome her to the bridge, and they'll play in the long grass and lie in the sun puddles.

Gigi said...

Good night, Sweet Maggie, and flights of angels sing you to your rest!

I know Mr. Teeth and Clarkie and all the other Kitties Who Came Before were there to welcome her with open paws.

Bonks to all of you.

Vicky said...

My sincere condolences on the loss of your friend.

Kea said...

I'm so, so sorry. I can't tell you how sorry I am. You know I just lost Annie 17 days ago, had to let her go. And I KNEW, looking at her, that it was time, that she was so very tired and so very sick. (She also had fluid in her lungs, the vet said.) I have *no* doubt about the decision I made--it was a kindness and a mercy, a final loving act--and I know it was the same with Maggie.

But I also know it doesn't ease the grief at all. No words will comfort you at this time, but I hope the love and caring of so many around the CB will help, in time, ease your heart ache.

Please, please know I'm sending you both universal Light and wishing you Blessings and Peace.

-Kim at Fuzzy Tales

House of Carnivores said...

I'm sorry for the loss of Maggie. It's such a painful decision to have to make, but it sounds like you made the best one for her. I'm sorry for your pain.

Tamago said...

I am so sorry for your loss. But this was the best for Maggie. She is now playing with other kitties at Bridge and smiling at you. She will be remembered and loved forever.

(angel) Grrreta and Fam said...

We are so sorry for your loss. We hope your sweet memories of Maggie and knowing that she had a wonderful life with you surrounded by love will give you comfort in this difficult time. We're sending you and your family comforting purrs.

The Island Cats said...

Oh our eyes are leaking...we are so sorry to hear about Maggie. But at least you know she is free of her pain and is running free at the Bridge. We send you comforting purrs, headbutts and hugs...

Wally, Ernie, Zoey and mom Sue

Summer at said...

I am so sorry. I am sending you soft, gentle purrs in hopes that it makes your pain just a touch more bearable.

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh no. We are so, so sorry to hear this. Your family has our deepest sympathy. We know how tough a decision this was.

Katnip Lounge said...

We send soft purrs and comforting thoughts to you. Godspeed Maggie, and know that you will always be loved. said...

I know how broken hearted you are. I hope the memory of her sweet time with you will bring comfort.

Cat said...

We are so sorry to hear about sweet Maggie! It was the best decision not to let her suffer anymore although we all understand how difficult it is. My boys are sending their best comforting purrs to you at this very sad time.

Brian said...

I am so very sorry to hear about sweet Maggie. My heart feels the love you shared and she will be in you heart always. Purr and hugs to all of you.

Fr. Tom Fishworthy said...

So sorry for your loss of sweet Maggie. I'm sure Vinny had nosetaps and kisses for her when she arrived at the Bridge.

It's never easy, but we try to do what's best and kindest for the furry ones we love.

Tom & Julie

Ellen Whyte said...

Oh how awful. We're so sorry. Poor Maggie. What a tough decision to have to make. We are glad she didn't suffer. We're purring for you all.

A few Good Cats said...

We are so sorry to hear the sad news about Maggie. She left you too soon, but she left you with many good memories, and we hope they give you some comfort now.

Quill and Greyson said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Deep purrs and hugs during this difficult time.

cherie said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Maggie. You are in my thoughts.

Clooney said...

We are so very sorry for your loss of Maggie. Sending you very big purrs and the very best thoughts. Be Well Sweet Maggie.

Catsparella said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet Maggie. You have my deepest condolences, and my kitties will surely be purring hard for you and your family during this sad time *hugs*

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear the news. Rest in peace beautiful Maggie.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Oh, no, we are so sorry Maggie had to leave you so soon. They're never here long enough and they take part of our heart with them. Purrs and tail wags.

The Chair Speaks said...

We are so sorry about Maggie. Purrs from all of us.

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We are so very sorry ~ and yet we are thankful that you gave dear sweet Maggie the greatest gifts of all. First you gave her a loving forever home, and then you set her free when the time was right for her. What more could a cat want?
Thank you for being such wonderful "parents" to sweet Maggie. She will always be remembered and loved by us all.

Love Milo & Alfie, and our mom & dad xxxx

Unknown said...

The saddest of days in the lives of the humans is when they say good-bye to a beloved pet. We are so sorry for your loss.

Marg said...

Oh Kevin and Tracey, I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Darn it all. Mom's eyes are all full of water. But we think you did the right thing for sure. Maggie was such a lucky kitty to have had you two even if it was only for a short time. We are sending tons of purrs and some great big hugs.

Everycat said...

Kevin, Tracey, Sammy & Moosey - we are so sorry that Maggie has gone, but you gave her the kindest gift of all, an easy end. Maggie had a wonderful home with you, memories of her will make you smile again soon. We send you rumbly purrs and much love

Whicky Wuudler
& The Apes

The Monkeys said...

We are so sorry to hear about sweet Maggie! We send all of our purrs and heartfelt condolences to the wonderful PAWS cats and Kevin and Tracey while you miss Maggie.

Raymond and Busby said...

Thank you for sharing Maggie with us here on the blogosphere. We are purring and purring for all of you. xoxo

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

We are very sorry to hear of your loss. We send you comforting purrs.

Mickey's Musings said...

We are so sorry for your loss of Maggie. She was a lovely kitty.We are sure her time with you was happy and she was lucky to have so much love and care and even the final kindness.
Thank you too,for your wishes for Mickey. He is 17 1/2 years old and I will take my cues from him,much as you did with Maggie.
Whether we have them for a long time or short, they are dear to us forever.
Hugs and comforting purrs to you and your family.
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are so sorry to hear of your loss but know it was made out of your love for darling Maggie. We know how much you will miss her but she is fit and whole again now and playing in the eternal sunshine of Rainbow Bridge. Mum is having trouble seeing the screen through the blur of tears at your brave decision.
Luv Hannah, Lucy & mum Sue xx xx xx

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

We are sooooo sad to hear of Maggie's crossing the Bridge. We send our love, purrs, and hugs to you in hopes they will give you a bit of comfort.

Unknown said...

We are sad about Maggie. We send warm fuzzy hugs and purrs to you.

Parker said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Maggie looked like such a sweet girl.

Julia Williams said...

Oh gosh, I am so very sorry for your loss. No matter how short their time with us, our pets leave indelible paw prints on our hearts. I will be sending purrs and prayers that your hearts can heal from this. And if you want some pet loss support or just want to talk about Maggie, please email me anytime.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Fly free, sweet girl.

Catio Tales said...

Many many condolences and purrs for you, and Maggie who is at peace a the Bridge. We are so sorry.

momsbusy said...

we are sending comforting prayers and healing purrs for your family.

kazoku neko

Forty Paws said...

We are so sorry that Maggie passed over. We are sending you purrs and purrayers and hugs during this difficult time. She will be waiting for you at The Bridge.

Luf, Us and Maw

Cara n Crew said...

We are so sorry for your loss. Bless you for loving Maggie. We send our purrs for comfort.

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

Ann Dziemianowicz said...

So sorry for your loss. What a sweet girl.

Daisy said...

Oh no. I am so sorry Maggie had to go to the Bridge. Soft purrs to you during this sad time. Rest in peace, sweet Maggie.

The Florida Furkids said...

We're sorry Maggie left for the Bridge. We know Angel Sniffie will be there to greet her. Purrs and Prayers to you.

The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

Old Kitty said...

Me and my cat Charlie came over from the CB. We are so sorry for your loss of sweet lovely Maggie. We are sending you all lots of purrs and purrayers. Take care

Random Felines said...

We are so sorry to hear about your loss. It doesn't matter how long they are with us - we still feel their passing just as deeply. Sending purrs and kitty kisses...

OKcats said...

I am so very, very sorry. I know how hard it is to make that decision, but you know you did the right thing. It doesn't make it hurt any less, though. She was a beautiful and very lucky girl. Sending purrs and hugs to all of you.

Beth said...

I am so, so sorry for your loss.
A Prayer From Maggie
It seems that I've reached Heaven,
or it's doorstep at any rate,
and been winding round St. Peter's ankles
by the Pearly Gates,
I've plucked the angels' harp strings
and made a merry sound,
But it's plucking at my heartstrings
that you are not around.

So I think I'll sit and wait here,
just outside the door,
And as the souls come floating in,
I'll tap them with my paw,
And when you seek admittance,
they'll rename this place -
It will become Purradise,
and these the Purry Gates!


I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Maggie.
We will keep you in our purrs and send whisker kisses to the Rainbow Bridge for Maggie.


Ikaika said...

We are so sorry Maggie had to leave you. She may have only been with you a short time, but she was very loved and gave love back. We send you gentle purrs and headbumps.

Run free at the Bridge, beautiful Maggie ...

'Kaika and the Yosemite cats

Just Ducky said...

Purrs to you on your loss.

Kat's Kats said...

May the memories of love outweigh the grief of loss.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders

The Misadventures Of Me said...

Soar high sweet Annie.. If yoo see TT and Fatty wud yoo tell dem we loves and miss them?

Purrs, headbutts and hugs,

I is Jake!
Mom Laure

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Honey, I don't have the words. Doc Andrew shared this poem when Winne went to the bridge last year (where I'm sure she's giving Annie a tour of all the good sunning spots):

The Last Battle

If it should be that I grow frail and weak
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then will you do what must be done,
For this -- the last battle -- can't be won.
You will be sad I understand,
But don't let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day, more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.

We have had happy years, though, and
You wouldn't want me to suffer so.
When the time comes, please, let me go.
Take me to where to my needs they'll tend,
Only, stay with me till the end
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time you will agree
It is a kindness you do for me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don't grieve that it must be you
Who has to decide this thing to do;
We've been so close -- we two -- these years,
Don't let your heart hold any tears.

-- Unknown

Teri and her Stylish Cats said...

May the love of those who care deeply, surround you during this saddest of times, and the CB is here to comfort and cry with you...Maggie was loved, the greatest gift of all...

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

All of us here are so very sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))

Cory said...

Sending you lots of warm and comforting purrs. We are so sorry to hear about Maggie having to leave for The Bridge.

Sasha said...

We will think of Maggie at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you.

pibble said...

Oh, guys, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss of Sweet Maggie. Maggie had a great life with you as her loving parents, that I know.

Her friends will welcome her at The Bridge, just as she'll welcome you at some point. We can all take comfort in that.

havetailwillwag said...

Oh my heart hurts.. I am so so so sorry about Maggie. I know you are hurting now and words can't make the pain go away... You gave her love and her life was a great one. You were with her at the end. She knows you love her. She's fine now and will be forever.

Perhaps she's hanging out with Dorian Grunge and they are both happy, healthy, and fit and eating the yummiest treats. I like to think so..

Anonymous said...

So sorry about Maggie. You took good care of her.

Anonymous said...

I learned of your loss on Space Paws' blog. My sincere condolences; Maggie was a precious being, and I'm sure she felt loved. Sending you thoughs and hugs.

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. It never makes it much easier, but now Maggie is pain free and frolicking in the grass chasing butterflies.

Run free sweet Maggie. I know you are very loved and will be missed.

AFSocksScylla said...

We are so sorry it was Maggie's time to go to the Rainbow Bridge. While Maggie was only with you for a short time during that time she knew love and was cared for.

Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Author Unknown

Stacy Hurt said...

Love and good Fishes whisper thee to thy rest. All our loves and hugs to those left behind.
Ms. Stella O'Houligan

White Dog Blog said...

Our hearts ache for your loss of sweet Maggie. Although there are no words to remove the pain we hope you find comfort in knowing she is pain-free, healthy and forever young. Please know your precious angel lives forever in the hearts of every creature whose lives she touched...including ours.

Jacqueline said...

I am so sorry to be late, but I didn't realize beautiful Maggie had gone to the Bridge; my deepest condolances on the loss of your lovely sweetheart...There are no words for such a huge loss, but I hope you all are comforted by the loving, joyful time you spent together...She will always be in your hearts and we will never forget your precious girl...big hugs, sweet friends...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

So sorry to hear about Maggie. :*( She is so lucky that she got to spend the last year and a half of her life with such a loving family. Her life would have been very different without you. Our big sister Chopper, who went to the Rainbow Bridge, was a dog who really loved kitty friends. Maybe they can play together there!

Anya said...

So so sorry to hear the news about
Sweet maggie :(
Take care Kevin & Tracey ..
Maggie had the best Mommy & Daddy from the whole world, she nows you loved her very much.

Hugs from your Dutch friends
Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^< & Anya

Purrfect Haven said...

We are so, so sad and bowing our heads with love and and regard for Maggie... take extra care of yourselves dear people. Love from us at Haven, Darcy, Bingley and Helen XXX

Admiral Hestorb said...

I am deeply sorry and my eyes are leaking so much that it's hard to type.

We all have been in this position and it is so extraordinarily sad and hard. Oh I am so sorry for all of you dealing with her loss. But she was deeply loved..she knew she was and she loved you back. Her precious life mattered. That is gold and diamonds.

Sleep well precious baby and when you wake at the Bridge, I hope you see my Robin..we miss her so much..tell her we love her still, Maggie.

All my love♥

caspersmom said...

Aw Maggy I'm so sorry to hear that you passed on. Purrs and Prayers for your Mom and family. It's so hard to loose a beloved furr friend. Kevin and Tracey, she will live on in your hearts, but right now it hurts so much. Sleep well Maggie, you will be missed so much.

Casper, Cleo, Patches and Mom.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

We are so sorry to hear the news. Run free, Maggie. One day, we'll all meet again. Purrs and prayers to your family in this time of sorrow. You will be missed by all.

wildcatwoods said...

Oh no! We are so sorry that Maggie has gone. She was loved very much by all and we will miss her. Fly free sweet girl.

Thank you for coming to our birthday commentathon!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. I just lost my Ollie to cancer last month. So hard to lose someone you love. My deepest sympathies

catsynth said...

We are so sorry to hear that Maggie is gone. You are in our thoughts.

LP said...

We are sad to hear of Maggie's passing.We know how difficult the decision to let her go must have been but also know it was the right one since it ended her suffering.We are glad she knew love in her life with you,and that you were there with her in the end.
the critters in The Cottage

Samantha & Mom said...

Maggie is in our thoughts & prayers!! We are so sorry that she is gone!! We are so glad you loved and took care of her!!
((((((((HUGGGGSSSSS))))))))) from your TX furiends,

Miss Kitty said...

I am so very sorry to hear this. The loss of Maggie is especially difficult, under the circumstances of having to aid in her crossing. As Miss Kitty is getting older, less active, I cannot help myself but fear the day when she too will cross over the rainbow bridge and it makes me hold her even closer, spending just a little more time with her.

We are sending you belated hugs and purrs to help ease your pain.

Warmest regards,
Miss Kitty and Egmont

Chrissykat said...

Bless you sweet Maggie...and bless you all for loving her so...