July 12, 2009

Our Younger Boy, Moose (a PAWS graduate)

When people learn that Tracey and I volunteer regularly at an animal shelter, they often ask how we can do so without wanting to "take all of the animals home." Sometimes we ask ourselves the exact same thing. : )

As volunteers, we have the chance to really get to know the cats at PAWS. Through regular interactions, we get first-hand knowledge of the personalities, temperaments and quirks of these kitties. It's been our experience that each cat has something that makes it special and unique. And while we love all of them, every once in a while a cat will come along who completely and utterly touches our hearts. Those are the ones we've ended up adopting.

We've already written about our cat Sammy, who is a PAWS alum. He shares our house (and our affections) with his younger brother Moose, who was adopted from PAWS a little over a year ago. (Moose, by the way, is the silly boy pictured on his back at the top of our blog.)

At PAWS, Moosey was a calm cat who got along well with cats and humans alike. In our home, he's become increasingly snuggly (he sleeps with us every night), confident and vocal (in a nice way). While not exactly best buddies, he and Sammy seem, for the most part, to like each other's company (as you can see from the second picture, we've even caught them sleeping on the couch together).

We love you, Moosey!

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Anonymous said...

My MooseMan! Still love those blue eyes.